Workers World Party stands in full solidarity with the people of Gaza and Palestine

The following statement will be read at the opening session of the Workers World Party conference in New York on Nov. 17.

Workers World Party condemns the criminal regime in Tel Aviv and their supporters and arms suppliers in Washington, who have once again carried out illegal and totally unjustified bombing raids upon population centers in Gaza, killing at least 20 Palestinians in the first days of the bombing that started on Nov. 14. The horrible weapons raining down on the cities and camps of Gaza are made here and paid for by the United States.

The rapid and unflinching diplomatic support from the administration in Washington makes it crystal clear that Israel had consulted with the administration in Washington before carrying out this criminal and brutal attack.

We stand with the Palestinians in Gaza and their heroic resistance to these criminal attacks, and defend their right to choose their own leadership. We support the Palestinians’ right to resist; their right to fire rockets against their oppressors and persecutors; their right to dig tunnels and their right to take any action to defend their right to exist and thrive. Furthermore, we support the right of the Palestinian people to return to their entire homeland and live in peace and freedom in all of Palestine.

Protest demonstrations around the world have already begun. We in Workers World Party call upon all progressives and supporters of peace in the United States to join demonstrations in the coming days to condemn the Israeli attacks on Gaza and to condemn U.S. and NATO complicity in these attacks.  Free Palestine!!!

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