Brooklyn, N.Y.: ’No to gentrification’

By July 22, 2014
Honk against gentrification, July 19.WW photo: Imani Henry

The Equality for Flatbush Project held a “Save Affordable Housing/Fight Gentrification Visibility Day” on July 19 to demand an end to rising rents. The community group, which describes itself as “a new people of color-led grassroots campaign to create a stronger network between tenant rights groups, block associations and community organizations fighting for better conditions […]


What happens when the U.S. shoots down a passenger plane?

By July 21, 2014

Remember the Iranian airliner? On July 3, 1988, the USS Vincennes launched a surface-to-air missile at an Iranian civilian airliner. It was on a scheduled commercial flight from Bandar-Abbas to Dubai. The attack resulted in the deaths of 290 passengers and crew members. The U.S. proclaimed the whole thing was an “error” by the crew […]


NSA spy campaign against Muslims exposed

By July 17, 2014

On the one hand, the U.S. government, through its Supreme Court, has decided that corporate bosses, if their religious biases are “sincerely held,” can use them to deny fundamental reproductive rights to women workers, namely insurance funding for contraceptives. On the other hand, that same U.S. government continues to wage a non-stop campaign of racist […]


Bankruptcy court addresses Detroit water shutoffs

At march in solidarity with Palestine, July 13.>br />WW photo: Kris Hamel

July 16 — A dog and pony show put on by the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in the Detroit municipal bankruptcy proceedings took an unexpected turn on July 15 when Moratorium NOW! Coalition activist Kris Hamel, who is also a WW managing editor, told the judge he needed to put a moratorium on mass water shutoffs […]


The U.S. dollar: A tool for Washington’s arrogance


It was just another small story on the business pages and in the blogs devoted to economic news: The U.S. got BNP-Paribas — France’s largest bank — to agree to plead guilty to a felony and pay a nearly $9 billion fine, as well as fire some executives and accept some restrictions on its business. […]


‘No more hot school buses!’

11-year old’s cartoon finds school buses equatorial.Cartoon: K. Stevens

Parents to Improve School Transportation (PIST) and New York City Public Advocate Letitia James, after receiving reports of dangerously overheated school buses, collaborated on a July 11 press conference calling for adequate air conditioning. Given a platform from which to demand safer school busing, families from many neighborhoods and cultures stepped up and spoke. About […]


On the picket line


UAW forms local at Tenn. Volkswagen plant In an unorthodox move on July 10, the United Auto Workers set up Local 42 at the Volkswagen plant in Chattanooga, Tenn., where it lost a close vote (712 to 626) in February. The February vote was heavily influenced by outside interference: Republican politicians, who relied upon big […]


Women say NO to high court’s ruling

Buffalo, N.Y.

A demonstration “to let Hobby Lobby know how we feel about the recent SCOTUS [Supreme Court of the United States] ruling” was held in front of the Hobby Lobby store in Williamsville, N.Y., a Buffalo suburb, on July 12. It was initiated and organized mainly by young women from in and around Buffalo, who work […]


NY City Hall confrontation

By July 16, 2014
WW photo: Anne Pruden

New York City’s pro-Zionist politicians held a news conference July 14 to declare their solidarity with the Israeli onslaught against Palestinians in Gaza. Some 150 pro-Palestinian people, mostly youth, gathered to protest in groups at each gate and in City Hall Park directly across from the steps where the racist press conference was held. The […]


Confrontation in Los Angeles

WW photo: Gloria Verdieu

On July 13, the day after the massive pro-Palestinian, pro-Gaza demonstration in Los Angeles, area Zionist supporters of the murderous, ongoing Israeli assault on the people of Gaza staged their own rally. Palestinian activists and supporters came out once again to confront them and, to the consternation of the Zionists across the street, raised their […]