Women say NO to high court’s ruling

By July 17, 2014
Buffalo, N.Y.

A demonstration “to let Hobby Lobby know how we feel about the recent SCOTUS [Supreme Court of the United States] ruling” was held in front of the Hobby Lobby store in Williamsville, N.Y., a Buffalo suburb, on July 12. It was initiated and organized mainly by young women from in and around Buffalo, who work […]


NY City Hall confrontation

By July 16, 2014
WW photo: Anne Pruden

New York City’s pro-Zionist politicians held a news conference July 14 to declare their solidarity with the Israeli onslaught against Palestinians in Gaza. Some 150 pro-Palestinian people, mostly youth, gathered to protest in groups at each gate and in City Hall Park directly across from the steps where the racist press conference was held. The […]


Confrontation in Los Angeles

WW photo: Gloria Verdieu

On July 13, the day after the massive pro-Palestinian, pro-Gaza demonstration in Los Angeles, area Zionist supporters of the murderous, ongoing Israeli assault on the people of Gaza staged their own rally. Palestinian activists and supporters came out once again to confront them and, to the consternation of the Zionists across the street, raised their […]


Hundreds protest cop killing of 13-year-old


Santa Rosa, Calif. — Over 300 people came here on July 12 from all over the San Francisco Bay Area to protest Sonoma County District Attorney Jill Ravitch’s decision not to file criminal charges against Sheriff’s Deputy Erik Gelhaus for the fatal shooting of 13-year-old Andy Lopez. Lopez was killed in Santa Rosa on Oct. […]


Court testimony: ‘Detroit’s people will rise again’

Kris HamelWW photo: Brenda Ryan

U.S. Bankruptcy Court, In re: City of Detroit, Debtor, Objection to “Plan of Adjustment.” Testimony by Kristen A. Hamel, Detroit resident and homeowner. July 15 — In recent weeks, Detroiters have been experiencing the inhuman austerity agenda of Gov. Rick Snyder and Emergency Dictator Kevyn Orr. Thousands of families have had their water cut off, […]


Stand with GAZA!

By July 15, 2014
WW photo: G. Dunkel

When oppression makes life a living hell for those who suffer under it, there can be no end to their resistance, whatever the cost. This is what the Israeli settler state and its imperialist backers, particularly the U.S. ruling class, fail to take into account as they try to bludgeon and squeeze the people of […]


Boston school bus drivers’ union puts Veolia on trial for Solidarity Day IV

Stevan Kirschbaum speaks to USW 8751 members and supporters following his arraignment, July 14.Photo: Howard Rotman

On July 14, over 150 school bus drivers, elected officials, community supporters and political allies occupied the steps and chambers of the Dorchester District Court in Dorchester, Massachusetts to demand the dismissal of the outrageous frame-up charges against United Steelworkers Local 8751 founder and Chair of the Grievance Committee Stevan Kirschbaum. The Boston police stated […]


Defying racists, group welcomes refugees


When some young Houston activists discovered that a racist, anti-immigrant group called Stop the Magnet was going to be on a pedestrian bridge over a busy freeway again, the Women and Children Welcoming Committee was formed. We showed up at 6 a.m. the next day, one hour before they were to appear, and took up the best […]


Widespread solidarity with Gaza shown across U.S.

By July 14, 2014
New York

July 14 — As the Israeli bombing assault murdered what is now approaching 200 people in Gaza, about three-quarters of them civilians according to United Nations estimates, and with the Israeli army poised for a land invasion, people in solidarity with Palestine and against the Israeli war held demonstrations across the United States from Boston to […]


Long after explosion, East Harlem tenants fight on


New York, July 8 — More than four months after the gas explosion in East Harlem, tenants are still suffering from the disaster.  The blowup affected more homes than just those in the two buildings that were completely demolished by it. “A lot of people think that only those living in the two buildings destroyed […]