Burkina Faso coup leader trained by Pentagon

By November 12, 2014

After much intense discussion among opposition parties, mass organizations and the religious leaders of Burkina Faso, it was announced on Nov. 10 that a roadmap was agreed upon for a transition to civilian rule — after mass protests had pushed out President Blaise Compaore. This consensus must now be negotiated with the military to set […]


The legacy of Thomas Sankara

Thomas Sankara, president of Burkina Faso, 1984-1987.

Excerpts from a talk given by Larry Hales to a New York City meeting of Workers World Party on Nov. 7. In Burkina Faso since the uprising that drove Blaise Compaore from office, Thomas Sankara’s name and contribution to revolutionary thought and the struggle of the Burkinabe people has shone greatly. I would encourage everyone […]


Rasmea Odeh fights jail, deportation

By November 11, 2014

Nov. 10 — Rasmea Odeh was found guilty of one count of unlawful procurement of naturalization today after a short deliberation by the jury in federal court here. Odeh and her supporters from around the country were awaiting the jury verdict since 8 a.m. There was anger but no surprise, since Judge Gershwin Drain had […]


Ebola and the real health crisis


Taken from an Oct. 15 audio column at prisonradio.org With the death of Mr. Thomas Eric Duncan shortly after his arrival from Liberia, West Africa, the Ebola crisis has burst onto millions of news screens, generating deep levels of fear and xenophobia. To be sure, Ebola is a serious health concern, for it has a […]


Haiti: Cancelled elections spark big protests

By November 7, 2014

If you don’t hold elections, you can’t lose them. This maxim, which the Duvalierist dictatorships upheld for decades in Haiti with the full faith and connivance of the U.S. government, is being applied by the current government of President Michel Martelly. According to Haitian law, elections for the senate and municipal governments should have been […]


Class forces in the Ukrainian civil war

AntiMaidan protest in Kharkov led by Borotba on March 22, 2014.Photo: Borotba

Simferopol, Crimea — Workers World has conducted an extensive interview with Victor Shapinov, a coordinator and leading theoretician of the Marxist organization Union Borotba (Struggle) of Ukraine. Shapinov currently lives in exile with other Borotba activists in Crimea, under threat of arrest from the U.S.-backed coup regime in Kiev. Links to previous installments in the […]


Solidarity statements on Odessa massacre


Workers World is publishing excerpts from solidarity statements received by the International Action Center on the six-month anniversary of the massacre in Odessa, Ukraine, on May 2, 2014. The complete statements are available at No2Nato.org. From Alexei Albu, massacre survivor, Odessa Regional Council deputy and member of Union Borotba (Struggle), now living in exile I […]


Ukraine communists comment on elections in Donetsk and Lugansk


On Nov. 2, against the backdrop of the U.S. and NATO’s provocative “Iron Sword” war games in nearby Lithuania, residents of the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics (DNR and LC) went to the polls for the first elections since declaring independence from Ukraine. Donetsk Prime Minister Alexander Zakharchenko won 75 percent of the vote, while […]


Alfonso Cano, a hero of our time


Workers World publishes this Nov. 4 communique from the Secretariat of the General Staff of the FARC-EP, the revolutionary guerrilla organization in the mountains of Colombia. Three years ago today, our Commander Alfonso Cano was assassinated in the mountains of Cauca, in a cowardly action by the Colombian Army under the direct guidance of President […]


A look back to 1983: U.S. invaded, occupied Grenada

By November 6, 2014

October 25 was the 31st anniversary of the U.S. invasion, occupation and bombing of the island nation of Grenada. The country had become nominally independent from Britain in 1974, but then was ruled by a repressive, eccentric Grenadian, Prime Minister Eric Gairy, who was supported by the United States and Britain and had a brutal […]