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Why isn’t there more global aid to fight Ebola?

By October 22, 2014

Oct. 20 — Several United States congressional representatives have called for a ban on travel into the U.S. from the three West African states which have been the most severely impacted by the recent Ebola Virus Disease outbreak. These proposals demanded that President Barack Obama prohibit travelers from Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia from entering […]


Behind stock market swings: World capitalist slowdown looms


Oct. 19 — A global capitalist slowdown has sent world stock markets into decline, from Wall Street to London, Berlin and Tokyo. This slowdown is a sure sign of world capitalist overproduction, and should be of deep concern to the working class. In the U.S., the stock market just had its fourth consecutive week of […]


Philadelphia: No to ICE

Philadelphia: No to ICE

Erika Almiron, director of immigrant rights’ organization Juntos, spoke at an Oct. 16 press conference on the latest attacks by Immigration Customs Enforcement against the immigrant community in Philadelphia. Six months ago, Juntos won a historic victory in this city on what are called ICE “detainers” or holds — written demands from ICE that require […]


Supreme Court upholds racist Texas ID law


Once again the right-wing majority of the U.S. Supreme Court has made an outrageous attack on the hard-won democratic rights of Black and Latino/a people. On Oct. 18, they let stand the Texas voter ID law, the most draconian and restrictive voter ID law in the country. Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Sonia ­Sotomayor and Elena […]


Demonstrators drown out Pa. Gov. Corbett who signed ‘Silence Mumia Law’

Pam Africa leads march. WW photo: Joseph Piette

Philadelphia, Oct. 21 — Lots of media were on hand today in Philadelphia to record the moment when Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett put his signature on the “Revictimization Relief Act” — dubbed the “Silence Mumia Law” by civil rights activists. But Corbett had a problem: None of the media could hear him speak. Nearly 50 protesters, standing a short distance away […]


Stops cuts of teachers’ benefits in Philadelphia!

By October 21, 2014

Judge Nina Wright Padilla of the Court of Common Pleas issued a temporary injunction Oct. 20 barring the School Reform Commission from making changes to Philadelphia public school teachers’ health care plans.  After walking away from the negotiations table in July, the SRC unilaterally cancelled the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers’ union contract on Oct. 6. […]


State’s gag order vs Mumia Abu-Jamal silences all prisoners

Mumia Abu-Jamal

Philadelphia — At a time when more and more convictions are being reversed and prisoners released because of improper, racist and even criminal actions by prosecuting attorneys, some of it exposed through DNA evidence, the state of Pennsylvania is rushing through a gag order to keep prisoners from being able to speak out to the […]


Memorial for GI union leader

From left, Terry Klug and Andy Stapp leaving Klug’s court-martial at Fort Dix, 1969.

A memorial meeting for Andy Stapp, who died in September, will be held on Nov. 1 in New York. As an active-duty GI at Fort Sill, Okla., Stapp first attracted the ire of the Army brass in 1967 when he was court-martialed for “refusing an order” — the order to surrender his anti-war literature to […]


Nurses’ union demands gov’t mandate to contain Ebola


National Nurses United, a union and professional organization with 185,000 members, was contacted by nurses at the Texas Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas where Thomas Eric Duncan was treated for Ebola. The nurses criticized the hospital administration for not having a protocol in place to deal with this virulent disease, for not training or preparing them […]


Hannibal Shakur, Trayvon Two activist, tells WW about charges being dropped

By October 20, 2014
Hannibal Abdul Shakur & Tanzeen Doha

Hannibal Abdul Shakur and Tanzeen Doha were arrested during protests during the summer of 2013 in downtown Oakland, Calif., after the notorious George Zimmerman verdict was announced, where he was acquitted for the Feb. 26, 2012, murder of Trayvon Martin.  At an Oct. 10 pre-trial readiness conference, the Oakland prosecutor finally admitted that they had […]