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Articles by Martha Grevatt

Oil strikers march on Marathon Petroleum as strike expands

February 26, 2015

Findlay, Ohio — Over 200 oil strikers and supporters demonstrated on Feb. 24 in Findlay, Ohio, where the Marathon Petroleum Company has its international headquarters. Despite harsh winds and near-zero temperatures, the crowd waited to begin the rally until a busload of Marathon strikers from [...]

Boston union under siege

February 26, 2015

Drop the bogus charges! “There’s no such thing as neutral. You have to be on one side or the other. In Harlan County there wasn’t no neutral.” This is how Florence Reece, spouse of National Miners Union organizer Sam Reece, described life in the Kentucky coal fields in 1931. Sheriff J.H. [...]

5.000 obreros petroleros en huelga

February 24, 2015

Toledo, Ohio – Desde el 1º de febrero, miles de trabajadores petroleros alrededor del país – miembros del sindicato United Steelworkers [USW por las siglas en inglés] – han estado en huelga a causa de prácticas laborales injustas. Esta es una huelga grande que involucra a 5.000 [...]

5,000 oil workers on strike

February 17, 2015

Job safety is a major strike issue. WW photo: Martha Grevatt Toledo, Ohio — Since Feb. 1, thousands of oil workers across the country — members of the United Steelworkers union — have been on an unfair labor practice strike. This is a big strike involving 5,000 workers at 11 refineries in [...]

Same-sex marriage wins in Alabama

February 16, 2015

Outside the Jefferson County courthouse, Feb. 9, in Birmingham, Ala. The number of states that deny couples of the same sex the most basic human right to marry continues to shrink. Only 13 states are left. By federal court order, on Feb. 12, Alabama became the 37th state to begin issuing marriage [...]

Marriage equality movement progresses

February 9, 2015

Bulletin: As of Feb. 9, the U.S. Supreme Court will not stay a federal court ruling ordering same-sex marriages to be conducted in Alabama.  More updates to follow.   The Michigan state government in Lansing — from the governor to the attorney general to the majority of state senators and [...]

The right to rebel: The case of Ahmed Evans

February 5, 2015

Part 1: How the Glenville Rebellion briefly won community control in 1968 Ahmed Evans On July 23, 1968, a gun battle between white Cleveland police officers and the Black Nationalist group “Republic of New Libya” ended with an official death toll of three police, three Black snipers and one [...]

How the Glenville Rebellion briefly won community control in 1968

January 27, 2015

Ahmed Evans The police practice of murder, brutality and harassment of Black communities is not a new phenomenon. Nor is resistance to it. On July 23, 1968 — the night of what is known to history as the Glenville Rebellion — Black revolutionaries fought back in self-defense. Glenville [...]

LGBTQ marriage equality fight moves ahead

January 19, 2015

For almost 400 years, since the first English settlers began stealing land from the original inhabitants of North America, legal practice has been to deny couples of the same sex the right to marry. The walls of denial finally began to crumble in 2004, when Massachusetts became the first state to [...]

Autoworkers picket Detroit auto show

January 15, 2015

Protest in Detroit at General Motors shareholders’ meeting in solidarity with Colombian GM workers.Photo: Frank Hammer For the seventh year in a row, rank-and-file United Auto Workers members and supporters picketed outside the North American International Auto Show in Detroit on Jan. 11. This [...]
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