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Instability in Libya and Tunisia caused by U.S., NATO

March 30, 2015

Just two days before the 59th anniversary of Tunisia’s national independence from France in 1956, gunmen took over the Bardo Museum in Tunis, a major tourist destination. The resulting police response led to the deaths of 24 people, 20 of them foreign nationals from Poland, Germany, Spain, Italy [...]

Europe austerity met with mass, militant protests

March 30, 2015

Madrid, March 21. The European Central Bank decided a few years ago that to properly enforce its policy of harsh austerity on countries like Greece, Ireland, Italy and Portugal, it needed a spanking new, luxurious headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany, that cost $1.4 billion. When Blockupy and other [...]

ISIS, Netanyahu, Iran – U.S. imperialist plans unravel

March 26, 2015

Two deeply related issues that are of concern to anti-imperialists have been stirring U.S. capitalist politics. The first is the speech by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu given to a joint session of Congress and his subsequent victory in the Israeli elections. The second is the nuclear [...]

Why U.S. rulers fear new Asian investment bank

March 24, 2015

Britain, France, Italy and Germany have agreed to join China in establishing an Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank. China has already announced it will put up $50 billion in initial capital. It is too early to say what role this bank will play in helping underdeveloped countries modernize their [...]

Town rebels after Ukraine troops kill child

March 24, 2015

Photo: Denis Grigoryuk/AntiMaidan The town of Kostyantynivka in northeastern Donetsk exploded in rebellion March 16 after Ukrainian occupation troops driving a tank veered into oncoming traffic, smashed a traffic light and hit pedestrians on the sidewalk. Polina, 8 years old, was killed instantly. [...]

Women’s inspiring role in Cuban revolution

March 21, 2015

Maritzel González from Federation of Cuban Women, March 14.WW photo: Anne Pruden Annually each March during Women’s History Month, the Federation of Cuban Women sends a delegation to New York City to attend the United Nations Commission on the Rights of Women. A forum was held March 14 honoring [...]

Former President Manuel Zelaya calls Honduras ‘ruled by USA’

March 21, 2015

This interview by Carlo Pereira of the German weekly Unsere Zeit (Our Time) was made during the International Seminar in Mexico City on March 12 and published in UZ on March 20. Translation and photo by John Catalinotto. Carlo Pereira: The 2009 coup in Honduras made big headlines around the [...]

In Spain, ‘The people should rule — that would be Dignity’

March 21, 2015

On March 22, 2014,more than a millionpeople from all overthe Spanish statemarched in Madrid for ‘Dignity’ against austerity. The following is a statement of the organization Red Network in Spain to the Dignity marches of March 21, a year after a similar march brought 1.5 million people to [...]

Youth’s visit to Moscow exposes U.S. imperialism’s lies about Russia

March 21, 2015

Moscow march against fascism in Ukraine Moscow — As I arrived at the Hotel Metropol in Moscow, directly across from the entrance to Red Square, I saw the AntiMaidan demonstration being set up to commemorate the one-year anniversary of the neofascist coup in Ukraine, whose social support came [...]

Koreans in U.S. tell Obama: ‘Normalize relations with the DPRK’

March 19, 2015

Kim Jong-un of the DPRK. Just this past Dec. 18, the lone opposition party with seats in the South Korean parliament was banned by the right-wing government there and its leaders arrested. Shortly after that, the self-proclaimed “democratic” regime in Seoul deported a Korean-American woman who [...]
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