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What Obama left out

January 26, 2015

‘Hands up, don’t shoot’, Ferguson, Mo. The “State of the Union” is the annual presidential speech that is supposed to report on how things are going for the people of this country. In thousands of protest rallies and marches over recent months, especially since the events in Ferguson, [...]

Racism in the Academy behind snubbing of ‘Selma’

January 20, 2015

Institutionalized racism in the U.S. comes in many forms — some of it subtle, some not so subtle. The not so subtle, to put it mildly, includes the police murders of Black and Brown people, especially youth, too numerous to mention here. Heroic national resistance to this police terror began on [...]

Dr. King and Black lives today

January 16, 2015

If the great Civil Rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. were alive today, he would unequivocally lend his name and support to the national protests being called in his honor against racism and especially police terror. Beginning on Jan. 15, the 87th anniversary of Dr. King’s birth, protests [...]

Ebola, socialism & imperialism

January 7, 2015

Now that the threat of the spread of Ebola within the United States has diminished — for the present — news of the crisis has dropped into the back pages of the corporate-owned major newspapers and off the broadcast media. But the Ebola epidemic remains a continuing danger in parts of Africa [...]

U.S. attacks on Korea no joke

December 21, 2014

In case anyone thought that Washington’s recent moves to modify its policy toward Cuba mean the imperialist monster has suddenly mellowed, the White House, State Department, FBI, CIA and Pentagon have all cleared up that misunderstanding. To the cheers of the corporate media, from the [...]

George Stinney’s life mattered

December 21, 2014

George Stinney: Justice 70 years too late The current national uprising against police terror sweeping the U.S., following the murders of Michael Brown and Eric Garner, is helping to shed a bright light on the racist war against Black youth, rooted in slavery and Jim Crow racism. The demise of [...]

Athletes break their silence

December 17, 2014

Andrew Hawkins The current national uprising against police violence dominates the U.S. political terrain. The revolt began with the Ferguson, Mo., rebellion, ignited by the broad daylight police murder of African-American 18-year-old Michael Brown by a white cop on Aug. 9. Black youth who racist [...]

Why unions need Black youth

December 12, 2014

The new youthful explosion demanding justice and battling police racism and terror is offering new life to the existing labor movement. We write “existing” to make it clear we are aware of its historic political weaknesses, especially with its predominantly white, male leadership at the highest [...]

Rebellion is justified!

December 2, 2014

Dec. 2 — The new movement protesting injustice, racism and police brutality in the United States has entered its second week with undaunted determination and militancy. African-American youth in the main and other youth of color have led this movement. People — especially young people from all [...]

National Day of Mourning

November 27, 2014

The 45th commemoration of the National Day of Mourning on Nov. 27 in Plymouth, Mass., will again honor Native political prisoner Leonard Peltier, a heroic fighter for the rights of Indigenous and other oppressed peoples. Peltier has been unjustly imprisoned for 38 years. The so-called [...]
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