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Delaware, Florida cancel primaries to deny ‘uncommitted’ challenge to Biden

Under the erroneous presumption that President Joe Biden was running unopposed in the primary elections, two states — Delaware and Florida — cancelled their scheduled 2024 presidential primaries, conveniently prohibiting tens of thousands of voters in their states from demonstrating their opposition to Biden’s pro-Israel policies. Voters in those states were denied the option of selecting “uncommitted” or writing it in, rather than casting their votes for “Genocide Joe.”

Given the growing enthusiasm for the “uncommitted movement,” which has drawn well over half a million voters in nearly two dozen states since February, there is little doubt that turnout in Delaware, whose primary would have been April 2, would have mirrored, or even surpassed the average of 10% to 19% voter support for “uncommitted” in states where primaries have been held.

With Biden boasting that Delaware is his home state (despite his being born in Pennsylvania), a significant percent of voters soundly opposing his policies supporting Israeli genocide in Gaza would be embarrassing to say the least.

Delaware has 16 delegates to the Democratic National Convention, whereas Florida gets 125.

In January 2024, U.S. District Court Judge Allen Winsor denied a bid by Democrats, including U.S. Rep. Dean Phillips (D-Minn.), to hold a Florida presidential primary on March 19. Author Marianne Williamson and political commentator Cenk Uygur also sought slots on the Florida primary ballot for president.

In addition to blocking the chance for “uncommitted” votes, Uygur was one of the few candidates for U.S. president on the Democratic Party ticket who was openly opposed to Israel.

In posts on X (formerly Twitter) in mid-April 2024, Turkish-born Uygur wrote: “If you can’t see that Israel has to let the occupied territories go, you’re the most blind person on earth. How long do you think people can be contained, imprisoned, humiliated, killed, occupied, and not fight back? If you think the occupation is making Israel safer, you’re nuts.”

In a separate post Uygur wrote: “If any reporter says Iran started a broader war in the Middle East after they do their retaliation strikes, they are absolute liars. I hope Iran does not retaliate. But Israel killed the top Iranian general to provoke a wider war. If it starts, Netanyahu definitely started this war.”

Uygur is a political commentator known for co-creating The Young Turks, an online news show that touts that it is the “largest online progressive news show in the world,” although his past criticism of women and the LGBTQIA2S+  movement has been rebuked.  He withdrew his presidential bid after the March primaries.


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