Palestinian resistance condemns U.S. attacks on Syria and Iraq

The following statements from Palestinian resistance forces appeared on Resistance News Network, Feb. 3, 2024, in response to the recent U.S. attacks on Syria and Iraq.

Hamas – Islamic Resistance Movement

We condemn in the strongest terms the U.S. aggression on both Iraq and Syria, considering it a dangerous escalation, an infringement on the sovereignty of the two Arab countries, and a threat to their security and the stability of the region, serving the expansionist agenda of the occupation and covering up its horrific crimes against our Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip. 

The administration of U.S. President Biden bears responsibility for the consequences of this brutal aggression on both Iraq and Syria, which pours oil on the fire. We affirm that the region will not witness stability or peace unless the Zionist aggression, the genocidal crimes, and the ethnic cleansing against our people in the Gaza Strip are stopped, and the Nazi, Zionist occupation of our Palestinian- and Arab-occupied lands is ended.

Representatives of united Palestinian resistance organizations.

This requires Washington to review its aggressive policies and respect the sovereignty of states and the interests of the Arab peoples, who will not stand idly by as our people are subjected to genocide in full view of the entire world. 

Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine’s Central Media Department

The Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine has condemned, in a statement, the heinous aggression by U.S. forces on both Syria and Iraq, resulting in the loss of many martyrs and wounded, and causing extensive destruction in the targeted areas. 

The Democratic Front added that the brutal aggression by United States forces on Syria and Iraq, as well as the previous “israeli” aggression on areas south of Damascus, the Syrian capital, confirm that the U.S.-“israeli” alliance, enemy to our Arab peoples, is pushing the region towards explosion and igniting the flames in the region, despite Washington’s false claims of being concerned about the region’s security and stability. 

The Democratic Front stated that the aggressive actions of both the United States and “israel” are a further confirmation of their disregard for international legitimacy, represented by the United Nations and its General Assembly and Security Council, and their defiance of the decisions of the International Court of Justice. 

This serves as a blatant example of the policy of encroaching on the sovereignty of nations within their lands in order to plunder their resources and hinder their path towards building their nations and national economies. The Democratic Front called on the world to widely condemn the aggressive actions of the United States in the region and the belligerent policies proudly [promoted] by President Joe Biden. 

It also called on our Arab peoples to continue their efforts to boycott the state of occupation in “israel,” withdraw Arab ambassadors from it, expel its ambassadors from Arab capitals, and implement a broader boycott of U.S. goods of all kinds to harm the U.S. economy and close its companies, especially its consumer goods, in Arab countries. 

The Central Media Department for the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine 

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine strongly condemns today, Saturday, the heinous U.S. aggression that targeted Iraq and Syria, affirming its full support for both countries and their right to respond to this aggression.

The Front emphasized that this criminal and blatant U.S. aggression came to protect the Zionist entity, which is struggling and drowning under the blows of resistance in Gaza, Yemen, Lebanon, Iraq, and Syria. It also underscores direct U.S. involvement in aggression against the Arab nation and its partnership in the genocidal war waged by the Zionist enemy against our Palestinian people in Gaza.

The Front stressed that this aggression has not and will not succeed in achieving its goals or dissuading the two sisterly countries from performing their national duty in serving the causes of the nation, supporting the Palestinian people, and confronting Zionist and U.S. aggression against our Arab peoples.

The Front concluded its statement by reaffirming that the resistance factions on all fronts are determined to continue the fight until the cessation of the Zionist genocidal war against the Palestinian people, to halt U.S. aggression against our Arab peoples, and to counter its unlimited support for the Zionist entity in its war against the Palestinian people.

Palestinian Islamic Jihad Movement

We condemn in the strongest terms the U.S. aggression on Syria and Iraq and the violation of the sovereignty of the two countries, which will lead to an escalation of regional tension and an increase in instability in the region.

This blatant U.S. aggression is one of the aspects of occupation, hegemony, and arrogance in our region with the aim of looting the wealth of the peoples of our nation and imposing policies that serve the interests of Western colonialism and the Zionist entity.

We salute the revolutionary Iraqi and Syrian peoples who, along with the Yemeni and Lebanese peoples, pay the price for their support of our Palestinian people in resisting the genocide war and supporting it in the war of aggression against it in Gaza.

Popular Resistance Committees Media Office

We condemn and denounce the U.S. aggression that targeted Syrian and Iraqi lands at dawn on Saturday, considering it an extension of the U.S.-Zionist genocidal war waged on the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip.

The barbaric U.S. aggression that targeted Iraqi and Syrian lands is an aggression against the entire nation and its resources, with its primary goal being the protection of the Zionist entity and to strike and intimidate everyone who supports Gaza and rejects the massacres and genocides targeting the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip.

The savage aggression on Syrian and Iraqi lands requires the unity of all the free people of the nation and its active and vital forces to confront it and continue supporting the Palestinian people and their resistance in the Gaza Strip until the U.S.-Zionist genocidal war is stopped and the siege on the Gaza Strip is completely lifted.

These statements were lightly edited.

Hamas – Islamic Resistance Movement (guest) and Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (guest)

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Hamas – Islamic Resistance Movement (guest) and Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (guest)

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