From France: Statement in solidarity with Palestinian struggle

The Pole of Communist Revival in France (PRCF) and the Youth for Communist Revival in France (JRCF) issued the following statement Oct. 7 from Paris; numbers of casualties are as of that date.  Translation: John Catalinotto

“It is always the oppressor, not the oppressed, who determines the form of struggle,” said late South African President Nelson Mandela.

The offensive against Israel by armed Palestinian groups in Gaza, claimed in particular by Hamas, has resulted in an attack of unprecedented violence by Israel against the population of the Gaza Strip, with almost 200 people already dead.

Despite the government’s outlawing pro-Palestinian actions, thousands of people came into the streets of Paris and other French cities Oct. 12. Police attacked with tear gas.

The Pole of Communist Revival in France (PRCF) and the Youth for Communist Revival in France (JRCF) express their unwavering solidarity with the Palestinian people and, in particular, with Palestinian organizations advocating Marxism and class struggle, in the face of the continuing intensification of Israel’s illegal colonization policy in occupied Palestine.

For over 75 years (!), the Palestinian people and their youth have been courageously fighting for their fundamental rights, self-determination and justice. Acts of resistance, whether peaceful or armed, are a legitimate response to the Israeli occupation, the blockade of Gaza and the continuing colonization, illegal under U.N. resolutions, within Palestinian borders, resulting in the expulsion of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians from their homeland.

We strongly condemn the atrocities perpetrated by Israel, which even before today’s indiscriminate revenge strikes caused hundreds of deaths, regularly destroyed Palestinian infrastructure and killed many civilians, including children.

The recent intensification of Israel’s settlement policy in the Palestinian territories, with the backing of the United States, constitutes a flagrant violation of international law, breaching United Nations resolutions and seriously compromising the possibility of a just and lasting peace. Illegal Israeli settlements lead to the confiscation of land, the demolition of Palestinian homes, the restriction of movement and the daily humiliation of the Palestinian people.

The PRCF and the JRCF call for an end to this policy of illegal colonization by a fascist, far-right government and for support for the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people. We also call for an end to the inhumane blockade of Gaza, the source of an unsustainable humanitarian crisis.

The PRCF and the JRCF reiterate their commitment to the struggle for justice, peace and freedom in Palestine.

We advocate international solidarity with all peoples, especially those oppressed by the [European Union]-NATO axis and its allies such as the state of Israel, and the need to strengthen the solidarity movement with Palestine worldwide. Ultimately, the freedom of all the nations of the world is at stake, including democratic freedoms in Israel, which are being crushed by the Netanyahu government.

The peoples of the world are subject everywhere to the destabilization and consequences of the EU-NATO and its allies’ imperialist policies, even if these policies lead to extermination.

We call for the unity of all progressives, human rights activists and peace lovers to put an end to the Israeli occupation, for the creation of a sovereign Palestinian state and for the realization of the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people, including the right of return of their refugees.

The PRCF and the JRCF stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people and their youth in their struggle for justice and self-determination. Their emancipation is the best guarantee for the security and rights of Israeli workers and democrats.

We will continue to denounce Israeli oppression and work for a future of peace and freedom in Palestine. And we must work here, in France, against the Euro-Atlantic allies of the State of Israel, i.e. Macron, the EU and NATO, who constantly support the state of Israel, while feigning indignation, and who participate in the destabilization of the entire region, as they do elsewhere in the world.

Ensuring the independence of Palestine is the battle of all consistent defenders of the sovereignty of peoples, including the French people.

Resolute support for the right of the Palestinian people to free themselves from oppression!

Down with Israeli apartheid!

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