Statement of the House of Latin America in Iran on the terrorist act against Cuban Embassy

Issued Sept. 25 by a group in Iran, the House of Latin America, in solidarity with Cuba.

Hours after more than 1,000 people had gathered in a meeting in New York City — with the presence of the Cuban president — to express solidarity with the Cuban people and demand an end to brutal sanctions against the peaceful island, the Cuban embassy in Washington became the target of a terrorist attack, in which two Molotov cocktails were thrown at the embassy. That was the second act of terrorism against Cuba on U.S. soil during the last three years.

Venceremos Brigade at New York meeting in solidarity with Cuba, Sept. 23, 2023.

Although such an act of terrorism is in line with the decades-long aggressions against Cuba by the Cuban counterrevolutionary forces — constantly supported by the U.S. government — its timing explains the reason for the current madness of the Cuban Mafia and their terrorist gangs. This is a peculiar madness that stems from observing the strong solidarity among U.S. freedom lovers with the people of Cuba. They could not stand silent and watch U.S. citizens demonstrate in the streets of New York and chant in favor of Cuba.

They were angry about the voice of Miguel Diaz-Canel, the president of Cuba, at the meeting of the United Nations General Assembly, not only in defense of his homeland but also in support of people of the Global South and the oppressed peoples throughout the world.

In that context, the Sunday terrorist act was a revenge. It was a brutal response to the antiwar and peace activists in the U.S. who dared to come to the streets in defense of Cuba.

But the point is that they are totally mistaken. As the experience shows, the heroic Cuban people and their revolutionary leadership will not bend under any aggressions, whether the illegitimate sanctions or acts of terrorism.

They are also mistaken on another account, and that is the wrong belief — or better said an illusion — that such acts of aggression would cause a setback on the front of the international solidarity movement with Cuba. The falsity of such an illusion will be shown in the coming period through expansion of world solidarity with Cuba.

Assuming that the entire body of intelligence and law enforcement forces in the U.S. is incapable of finding out who is carrying out the terrorist acts on U.S. soil is quite unrealistic.

They should be responsible to trace the terrorists and make them known to the public.

While condemning the terrorist act on the Cuban embassy in the U.S., the House of Latin America in Iran demands:

Stop the impunity of the terrorists and bring them to punishment.

Stop the genocidal sanctions on Cuba.

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