There are comrades, living and deceased, who make the heart beat “love” at the mere thought of them. And one such comrade is Sam Marcy.

Before leaving us behind to carry on the unfinished work of the party, Comrade Marcy taught me two very important lessons that are closely related:

1)  everything has a history, whether it’s labor, imperialism or prison. Thus, all things must be understood from a historical perspective; and

2)  this aids us with the second, and most important part: correct analysis. A correct analysis is the first step to resolution.

One of the urgent issues in the United States today, as it pertains to the prison industrial complex, is perpetual administrative segregation housing or solitary confinement. It has irrevocably changed our mental and physical lives. We are tortured every minute of every day. Incarcerated people are losing their minds, mutilating themselves and committing suicide. We salute the Party and the Prisoners Solidarity Committee for writing and acting to end this torture.

Long Live Comrade Sam Marcy!

— Muenda, 2023 (Texas Death Row)

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