Together we rise, together we will win!

This statement was issued by Tsukuru Fors (he/they), Lead Organizer of the Oct 1st National Day of Action to End Violence and Genocide on Transgender People

The National Organizing Committee of the Oct 1st National Day of Action to End Violence and Genocide on Transgender People stands firmly with Amazon and Starbucks workers on Oct. 1, the six-month anniversary of the historic Amazon Labor Union Victory.

Today under late stage capitalism, workplace violence has become commonplace. Poverty wages is a form of workplace violence. So is wage theft, unsafe working conditions, forcing people to work long hours, bullying, sexual harassment, racism, sexism and gender violence.

As workers, transgender and other gender-nonconforming people often face a unique blend of workplace violence as well.

Being barred from employment, being subjected to unfair performance evaluation and discipline, being forced to endure name-calling, misgendering, ridicule, sexual harrassment and other forms of physical, verbal and emotional abuses cause serious harm to our personhood, which often results in injury, illnesses or even death.

The courageous workers of Amazon and Starbucks who are standing up against their multibillion-dollar employers are facing retaliation and harassment. They are being fired with no justifiable reason and facing intimidation. At Starbucks, transgender and nonbinary workers are being threatened that they may lose their health care coverage for gender-affirming care if they vote to unionize.

The Oct 1st National Day of Action to End Violence and Genocide on Transgender People organizers are administrative workers; health care workers; teachers; retail workers; service workers; baristas; drivers; warehouse, factory and farm workers; and sex workers. Together we are raising our collective voices to say no to the unfair economic system that benefits only a select few and impoverishes the rest. 

Together we will fight till we win equality, justice and dignity for all.

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