52nd annual National Day of Mourning

On November 25, United American Indians of New England and their supporters gathered on Cole’s Hill in Plymouth, Massachusetts, to observe the 52nd annual National Day of Mourning, founded in 1970 by Aquinnah Wampanoag tribal member Wamsutta Frank James. 

Plymouth, Massachusetts, Nov. 25. WW PHOTO: Summer Taccetta

Throughout the years, NDOM has aimed to raise awareness about Indigenous issues and confront settler lies, particularly the Thanksgiving myth. Despite the pandemic, over 1,500 people were in attendance, and thousands attended virtually via a livestream. 

The day began with a prayer ceremony and political speeches on Cole’s Hill. Following this, the crowd marched through the streets of Plymouth and rallied at Plymouth Rock, where more speeches were given. The day ended with a final rally in Post Office Square, followed by prerecorded content. More coverage will follow in future WW issues.

— K. James

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