New York forum: ‘Globalize solidarity with women’

Some of the participants and organizers, March 22.
WW photo: Brenda Ryan

New York — Workers World Party held its annual International Working Women’s Month forum here on March 21 at the Solidarity Center. The main theme of the program was “Globalize Solidarity against ALL Forms of Women’s Oppression: Why is this important?”

The dialogue began with a panel of women activists involved in important battles for justice and liberation in the U.S. and worldwide. The commonality that each woman expressed in her own way was the necessity to struggle against the profits-before-people capitalist system.

The speakers included Alicia Boyd, from The Movement to Protect the People, describing the fight against gentrification in Brooklyn, N.Y.; Maritza Chávez, from the Laundry Workers Center, affirming women’s right to equality; and LeiLani Dowell, of Workers World Party, explaining the origins of women’s oppression and why Black women and trans women’s lives matter.

Also, Alexia Filpo, from the People’s Power Assembly, spoke on the upcoming April 2 opening session of the People’s Tribunal against police brutality and structural racism; Fatin Jarara, from Al-Awda Palestine Right to Return, on the significance of the case of Rasmea Odeh, a Palestinian activist unjustly sentenced to 18 months in prison; and Joan Salvador, from Gabriela Philippines, on the central role of women in the liberation struggle in her country.

Mother Tongue musicians, Nat and Wes, performed, and the forum was chaired by Claudia Palacios.

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