Women say NO to high court’s ruling

A demonstration “to let Hobby Lobby know how we feel about the recent SCOTUS [Supreme Court of the United States] ruling” was held in front of the Hobby Lobby store in Williamsville, N.Y., a Buffalo suburb, on July 12. It was initiated and organized mainly by young women from in and around Buffalo, who work for Planned Parenthood or other health care services.

They were outraged by the June 30 Supreme Court decision in the Hobby Lobby case. It curtails women workers’ rights to contraceptive coverage in employers’ health plans and grants more rights to right-wingers and corporations.

The protest was held on a busy six-lane road. It drew nonstop honks, thumbs-up and raised fists in solidarity from passing motorists. The action strengthened the protesters’ determination to picket more Hobby Lobby stores and carry the fight forward. Media coverage was good.

Ellie Dorritie

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Ellie Dorritie

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