Protests say: ‘Stop U.S. march to war’’

Times Square, N.Y., May 23.
WW photo: G. Dunkel

“No to fascism in Ukraine! No war with Russia!” was the theme of the International Action Center protest in New York’s Times Square on May 26, Memorial Day. The demonstrators’ determination to denounce U.S. aggression and the expansion of NATO into Ukraine contrasted with the general mood of the sunny spring holiday.

Speakers at the rally demanded hands off the Republics of Donetsk and Lugansk and expressed solidarity with the anti-fascist fighters there. Representatives of South American liberation struggles in Venezuela and Honduras spoke, aligning with those in Eastern Europe fighting against U.S. imperialism.

Syrian community activists played a large role in the protest, drawing attention to U.S.-backed attacks on upcoming elections in their besieged country. Representatives of the struggle against U.S. intervention in the Philippines, Ecuador, Korea, Iran, Egypt, and other countries targeted by Washington also spoke, along with organizers of the fight to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour here in the U.S.

Anti-war soldiers denounced the Pentagon on Memorial Day and called for people to remember those murdered by fascists in Ukraine.

After more than an hour in Times Square, the demonstration set off for CNN headquarters, about a mile away. Signs opposing the U.S. war machine and militant slogans got a great reception from many tourists and passersby as the demonstration moved up Broadway.

A second rally was held in front of the CNN offices, with speakers expressing outrage at the many media lies blaming Russia for the crisis in Ukraine, rather than exposing the truth about the long-term U.S. strategy to encircle Russia and turn it into a U.S. colony. Some speakers raised the need for money for jobs, health care and social services, not a build-up for war in Eastern Europe.

Buffalo, N.Y., pro-war media lies targeted

In cahoots with the most powerful business interests, the Buffalo daily newspaper has been publishing extensive articles about Ukraine, some on the front page posing as news. These articles have clearly been designed to create sympathy for the U.S.-sponsored coup in Kiev and create opposition here to the resistance against the fascist forces.

As a response to the United National Antiwar Coalition’s call for emergency actions against U.S. intervention in Ukraine, the Buffalo/Western N.Y. International Action Center held a picket line on May 19 in front of the Buffalo News to say that the News’ propaganda about Ukraine is a lead-up to a new U.S. war, no different from what this newspaper did to get people to support the U.S. wars against Afghanistan and Iraq. The Buffalo IAC demanded that the News stop the lies and print the whole truth about the U.S. role in NATO’s moves in Eastern Europe, the benefits to U.S. and Euro banks and corporations of inflicting brutal austerity on the citizens of Ukraine, and the connection to U.S. and Euro oil and gas corporation profits.

Sue Davis and Ellie Dorritie contributed to this article.

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