J20resist.org: Launching #J20 resistance

By Mattie Starrdust
originally posted at workers.org on December 10, 2016

Workers World Party announces the launch of J20resist.org — an online resource to help build the resistance against racist, sexist Trump and the capitalist system he represents.

Trump’s election has moved thousands of people to take to the streets in anger and disgust. This new wave of activists, drawing its leadership from young people and the most oppressed, has no illusion of being saved by the Democrats. And they’re not willing to “give Trump a chance”!

From city to city, from Standing Rock to Charlotte, people know that struggle and solidarity are the only way out of this capitalist nightmare. So as Trump prepares for his inauguration on Jan. 20, hundreds of thousands of people are preparing to march on Washington, D.C., to shut it down!

J20resist.org is a resource and a tool for building this historic moment of resistance.

J20resist.org is a way for people all over the country to coordinate a pushback against Trump and those who enabled his rise to power.

At J20resist.org, groups and individuals can

  • connect up
  • coordinate travel to the D.C. counter-inauguration actions
  • find student walkouts, stayaways, shutdowns, rallies in the U.S and world
  • find community protests and marches everywhere
  • download templates for protest signs — printable and for free

Organizing an action of your own to coincide with the January 20th inauguration?

Post it to J20resist.org to spread the word!

Need help finding a ride to and from D.C.?

Check J20resist.org!

Don’t want to go to the #J20 protest alone?

Use J20resist.org to find on-the-ground resources and a support network!

Want to support others getting to #J20?

You can make a donation to help even more people to travel to D.C. to participate.

On Jan. 20th, let’s shut down D.C. with a historic mobilization of the people, united against Trump’s assault on workers and the oppressed.

Let’s fight for the revolution we really need. Now is our time to be in the streets, in defense of the most vulnerable.

We say NO to Trump, NO to Clinton, NO to racism, NO to capitalism, NO to war and NO to the two-party system that supports all of the above.

On Friday, Jan. 20, we will make sure our collective voice is heard throughout the halls of power and across the world.

Join us at J20Resist.org!

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