BRAZIL: Communist Party of Brazil (PCdoB)

São Paulo, November 10, 2017

To the Workers’ Party of the World (PTM) Dear comrades,

On behalf of the Communist Party of Brazil (PCdoB), we send our most heartfelt greetings for the 2017 Conference.

Through war and in increasing exploitation of peoples and nations, imperialism seeks a way out of the capitalist crisis, while trying to bar the rise of new actors that could threaten the global hegemony of the central countries. As a consequence, we experience a conservative and neo-fascist offensive worldwide.

In Latin America, as you comrades know, we are currently experiencing a powerful conservative pro-imperialist offensive that, in Brazil, succeeded in overthrowing, through a parliamentary-media-legal-judicial coup, a legitimate government of the popular camp. The coup government, which took power, led by the usurper Michel Temer, is openly neoliberal, anti-popular and a traitor to the nation.

In adverse conditions, the left and the progressive sectors are resisting and struggling in Brazil, in Latin America and in the world. In these circumstances, we emphasize the importance of unity and international solidarity among revolutionaries and communists.

We wish every success to your 2017 Conference at the same time that we express our desire to value and strengthen the fraternal relations between our organizations.

Long live proletarian internationalism! Long live Socialism!

José Reinaldo Carvalho,

Secretary of Politics and International Relations

For the PCdoB Central Committee

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Apply to Join Workers World Party!

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