BANGLADESH: Socialist Party of Bangldesh-SPB

Dear Comrades, Please convey our fraternal solidarity message & warm revolutionary greetings to all comrades attending the 18-19 November 2017 Conference of your Party Workers World Party. This conference will enhance your forward march as a testimony of your consistent resistance movement among the oppressed communities & the working class against all odds & unjust. We also hope that your new effort & initiative with new energy & vigor will be able to touch the heart of the new generation of revolutionaries to be more close to you in the arena of organization & movements in future. The great October Centenary year 2017 will add additional impetus to your conference.

In our country we are celebrating 100th anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution. Almost all the left progressive parties have come under the banner of Committee to Celebrate the Centenary jointly. Side by side we have got our party events also. on 6th October joint centenary program was opened up & to be ended with a grand mass rally in the Capital city on 7th November 2017. We believe the struggle against exploitation in any country or elsewhere in the world is our own struggle as we believe in Communist Internationalism.

We are registering our protest & condemn the arrest of 14 WWP comrades. We also demand their immediate release. Finally we wish your national conference a success. Long live WWP & SPB solidarity,

With revolutionary greetings


General Secretary

Central Committee

Socialist Party of Bangldesh-SPB

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Apply to Join Workers World Party!

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