AUSTRIA: Anti-imperialist Camp

Dear friends and comrades of WWP,

While the acute political and economic crisis which started with the global crisis has been somehow mitigated, the socio-economic conditions of the popular masses in many countries in Europe did not ameliorate. Popular opposition did not stop and is struggling for a political expression. While the traditional hegemonic pillars of the elites are wearing thin, they try to re-vamp themselves with mediatic and populist inventions.

In Austria this not only means the inclusion of a xenophobic right-wing force into the government but also a strongly anti-Islamic scapegoat campaign by the traditional conservative party. All this became possible as social democracy has been accepting and mediating the neo-liberal attacks.

They are trying to fill the vacuum on the position of a “social left” (in contradiction to a purely cultural left-liberalism of the urban middle classes) by a coalition of forces based on the notions “democratic – social- sovereign – neutral [in terms of international relations” preparing for a break with the elites.

Meanwhile we continue to support the anti-imperialist struggles across the world hand in hand with you.

Comradely greetings,

Wilhelm Langthaler

Anti-imperialist Camp

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