2017 National Conference

Unite to Smash White Supremacy & Capitalism! Fight for Socialism!

 2017 WWP Conference

Workers World Party 2017 National Conference

November 18 – 19 | Downtown Newark, NJ – near Penn Station

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This year, the movement has seen everything from the inauguration of arch-bigot Donald Trump to the toppling of racist confederate statues. It has responded in militant action to the attacks on migrants, the LGBTQ community, Black lives, and U.S. wars and sanctions abroad. We’ve watched in horror as colonized Puerto Rico and other oppressed nations suffer from global warming and genocidal policies, the murder of anti-racist activists and state repression of freedom fighters.

As the centennial of the Russian Revolution approaches, we are faced with an urgent need to unite and fight for our lives. The 50-year anniversary of Che Guevara’s martyrdom and the Newark Uprising offer critical lessons for going forward. Our comrades in the streets risking their lives to topple white supremacy need our support — a people’s army to back them up.

Workers World Party invites you to attend our 2017 conference in the heart of Newark, NJ (a short train ride from NYC) — one of the largest and most impoverished working-class cities in the Northeast, as well as a historic site of resistance. Hundreds of freedom fighters from across the country will gather to meet and discuss where our movement goes from here.

Join us for dynamic workshops, plenaries, cultural performances and more. As the battle against white supremacy continues to intensify, we are strategizing a path forward in the fight for socialism.

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Apply to Join Workers World Party!

Apply to Join Workers World Party!

Workers World Party fights for a socialist society — where the wealth is socially owned and production and services are planned to satisfy human needs. That’s also what workers around the world, from Cuba to China, have been struggling for in an ongoing process to build socialism. The U.S. rulers have spent trillions of our tax dollars trying to stop them in a global class struggle. WWP promotes international working-class solidarity, the right of every oppressed nation to sovereignty and self-determination, and militant resistance at home to imperialist interventions and wars.

Workers World Party exists to help make real the historical, inevitable task of building socialism in the belly of the beast — the U.S.

If you want to develop a Marxist-Leninist, revolutionary perspective; if you want to be active in the mass struggle to build solidarity with the workers and the oppressed; if you want to use your skills and resources to work collectively with like-minded activists to build toward a socialist future then apply to join Workers World Party.

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