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New York civil disobedience

'Operation Homeland Resistance'

Some 80 activists were arrested May 5-6 in civil-disobedience actions in front of the Federal Building in New York City. A following day of actions was also planned as part of a three-day campaign called "Operation Homeland Resistance."

This campaign was organized and led by people of color and immigrant-rights groups. The purpose was to draw attention to "war and occupation abroad" and the continued domestic war against immigrants, people of color and poor people.

Organizers said the actions were to "draw attention to the different ways communities in New York City are under attack through criminalization of local communities of color, increased policing and police violence, massive cuts in basic services, and targeted attacks on immigrant communities."

More than 56 local and national social-justice organizations endorsed the actions. They include Blacks Against War, Desis Rising Up and Moving, Jews for Racial and Economic Justice, New York City AIDS Housing Network, Harlem Anti-War Coalition, CAAAV: Organizing Asian Communities, Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, Audre Lorde Project, Nodutdol--For Korean Community Development, United for Peace and Justice New York and New York ANSWER.

The vast majority of those arrested were women and a large proportion of the activists were from the lesbian, gay, bi and trans movement.

--Imani Henry

Reprinted from the May 15, 2003, issue of Workers World newspaper

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