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Web page honors slain trans warriors

By Deirdre "Al Dente" Sinnott

The title of the web page is: Remembering Our Dead. About 88 names float over a dark background. As you move from name to name, following the links to descriptions of their deaths, the intensity of the violence is overwhelming.

This new web page on the Internet honors trans people who have died from murder or other causes related to their oppression.

The page was created for the group Gender Education and Advocacy. It's at www.

Gwen Smith, a web designer who lives in San Francisco, was inspired to make the page after the 1998 killing of Rita Hester--a transwoman from Boston.

Smith said: "When you look at the names here, remember these people. Cry for those who we have lost, and let your anger out for a society that would allow them to die."

For each of the 88 names here there are thousands more trans people who have died alone and unknown. These deaths came at the hands of the police or a stranger or as a result of inadequate medical care.

Some of the names on this web site are well known. In other cases, only the cause of their death is recorded.

Violence and hate are not the only problem faced by the trans community. Isolation, marginalization and alienation can be intense.

Now, because of the Internet and the emergence of the trans struggle for liberation, resources like this web site have been created where the names, the lives and the deaths of trans people can be recorded.

This web site is a place where anger and mourning can come together and be forged into direct action.

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