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'Black Riders show resistance is possible'

Revolutionary Greetings!

I'm Comrade Aryana, Minister of Public Relations for the Black Riders Liberation Party -- a revolutionary communist organization out of South Central L.A.

The Black Riders Liberation Party was formed in 1996 by Bloods and Crips in the California Youth Authority college class. As their political understanding grew, especially being inside the belly of the beast, they were able to see up close how oppressive and dehumanizing the system of capitalism is. They recognized the need for a political party that was going to represent the needs and desires of Black people inside Amerikkka's neocolonies, the ghettoes.

In late 1996, Chairman Taco was released from prison. Immediately he began to recruit and organize, working especially in areas like South Central and the Jordan Downs in Watts.

Because the Party recognizes that historically the ones with nothing to lose have been the ones to move first, we put emphasis on revolutionizing Bloods and Crips. Realistically, who's going to get up and fight first? The man who's comfortable and warm in his bed or that man that's uncomfortable and cold on the floor?

One thing we have to realize is that the gangs are already soldiers, and already have a war-like mentality from years of gang warfare. We just have to turn all that anger and rage at the real enemy, the oppressive state, instead of at each other!

On Saturday, Nov. 17, 1997, the police from the 108th Precinct were called into the Jordan Downs housing project to help save a man's life. Instead of helping to save his life, they helped to take his life.

He had been feeling suicidal by recent deaths in his family. They shot him over 11 times in the chest and legs because they said he lunged at them with a butter knife.

After the murder of Daryl "Chubby" Hood we initiated the Watch a Pig program, which is standing a legal distance from the pigs and making sure they don't brutalize the people.

The whole idea of the Watch a Pig program is to show the people that resistance is possible. Which is one of the many programs we do in the community. Because of the confrontational politics Black Riders practice, we experience extreme repression. Which we welcome. Because it lets us know we're doing our job.

Comrade George Jackson said concerning repression that "repression is indeed a part of revolution, a natural aspect of antithesis."

Can power be seriously challenged without a response? Will the robber baron, the tycoon, the fuehrer allow us to seize his privilege without resistance? Can we steal it away from the greatest bandit of all time with sleight of hand alone?

The Black revolutionaries are doomed men and women. We are the ones who've been criminalized and dehumanized. As Frantz Fanon would say, considered the wretched of the earth.

When the pigs see us they shoot first and ask questions later. Historically, Black revolutionaries have always received the most repression. They assassinated Malcolm X.

And in the 1960s and 1970s when the whole country was enthralled with the movement and there were revolutionary groups everywhere, it was the Black Panther Party who was labeled Amerikka's number one threat. And eventually, through fascist programs like COINTELPRO, it was smashed.

In 1971, they assassinated Comrade George Jackson and the list goes on and on.

We as revolutionaries, especially Black revolutionaries, are in a position where we are getting hit. We can't allow this oppressive capitalistic system to keep hitting us and not get hit back. We are not dealing with nice people who will throw down their guns and submit because we outnumber them from the vantage point of history and established power. They know one armed man can control a thousand.

People's war is not polite and is anything but proper.

What the Black Riders Liberation Party is asking of Workers World and the rest of the movement is to recognize that we are under direct fire in the ghettoes and to support the Black Riders, to not let the state isolate and alienate us like they have other Black revolutionaries in the past.

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