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Las Vegas march to protest the death of anti-fascists

By Martha Grevatt

On July 4 Lin "Spit" Newborn reported for work as usual at a body-piercing shop in Las Vegas. A customer invited him to a party. Newborn, an African American leader of an anti-racist skinhead group, assumed she was also an anti-racist skinhead. He agreed to meet her and a friend at midnight outside the shop.

That night Newborn and Dan Shersty were murdered. Their bodies were dumped about five miles outside the city in the Nevada desert.

Shersty had clearly been badly beaten before he was shot. Newborn's body was riddled with bulletholes.

They were found in an area where neo-Nazis are known to conduct target practice on a regular basis.

Both men were members of the Las Vegas chapter of Anti-Racist Action. "We are calling it an assassination," states ARA, a national organization based in Columbus, Ohio. In response to the cold-blooded killings, ARA has called a national protest in Las Vegas for Aug. 29. Anti-racists plan to march through the Spring Valley neighborhood, a Nazi hangout.

Jess Kreis, an ARA organizer in Las Vegas, attended a vocational high school with Newborn. "He was always nice to everybody," Kreis told Workers World. "He stuck up for anyone who was messed with. He was one of the most popular kids in school."

But, being so outspoken, "Spit was always on the danger line."

While Newborn was only 25, many anti-racist youths saw him as an older brother. For 10 years he had been active on the anti-racist skinhead scene, playing a leading role in Las Vegas Unity Skins, as well as the ARA chapter which had just been formed.

He was undoubtedly a role model for Shersty, a white 19-year-old serving in the Air Force.

Over 400 people attended the funeral.

The Aug. 29 Las Vegas demonstration will begin at 5 p.m. at the corner of Torrey Pines and Flamingo. Those wishing further information can contact ARA at (614) 424-9074.

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