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Documentary on Latin youth group opens

By Deirdre Sinnott
New York

The documentary "Amor del Rey, Amor de la Reina" premiered here July 22. It is a frank video about the Almighty Latin King & Queen Nation's transformation from a street youth organization into a political force.

ALKQN leader King Tone was refused permission to attend the opening by the judge presiding over Tone's trial for "unlawful assembly." But he sent a message to those attending.

"The government kept me away tonight," Tone said. "The judge said he can't assure that I won't be a danger to the community. We did this documentary for people to get a feeling and the idea about why we-the Almighty Latin King and Queen Nation-should stand up and fight to make a positive difference in our community."

Apparently this judge considers youths standing up for justice and organizing in a political way a danger to his society.

The video documents police harassment of the group since the beginning of its transition to political activity, and the inhuman conditions leader King Blood is being subjected to in prison. Blood is serving a 45-year sentence in solitary confinement, the longest such sentence.

King Hector said: "The Almighty Latin King and Queen Nation are on the front lines. What they do to us they will do to anyone. There will be more Anthony Baez's," he added, referring to the youth killed by cops when his football hit a police car.

The documentary offers an excellent tool for progressives to understand what may prove to be one of the more important developments in recent years in the struggle against racism and police brutality.

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