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U.S. playing with fire in Mideast
In his recent trip to Europe, U.S. President George W. Bush tried to rally European heads of state against Iran and Syria. As for how to deal with the "nuclear crisis" of Iran, the U.S. had to back off its bellicose posturing, at least for now. But the danger of U.S. military adventurism in the Middle East remains high and all anti-war activists must remain vigilant and alert. ...

Bush in Germany: unloved and unwelcome
To welcome U.S. President George W. Bush to Mainz on Feb. 23, the German government shut the city down. Some 10,000 cops patrolled the streets. Sewer covers were locked in place. Stores and shops closed down....

U.S. military damages ancient city of Babylon

Venezuelan gov't exposes U.S. threats on Chavez's life

Rally commemorates anniversary of U.S. coup in Haiti

Boycott of "Killer Coke" catches on

Self-determination for the Pacific Islands

Specter of Iraq haunts Bush trip
The president of the United States got another reminder this week that it takes more than having the world's biggest weapons to make an aggressive, expansionist foreign policy produce the desired results....

Koreans demand repeal of National Security Law
It is hard to imagine a more repressive statute than South Korea's National Security Law, which has been on the books since 1948....

Iran defiant despite U.S. threats
The revolution of 1979 overthrew the U.S.-backed Shah and established the Islamic Republic of Iran. This was the beginning of the "clash" between the Muslim world and U.S. imperialism....

Assassination in Lebanon: Who stands to gain, lose?

Afghan desperation grows under U.S. occupation

Venezuela & Cuba: Solidarity grows stronger

This year's world youth festival to be in Venezuela

Half a million march in Rome

Brussels protest: 'Bush is not welcome!'

Bush threatens
Syria, Iran
Could the adventurist neo-con regime in Washington be poised for yet another aggressive military move in the oil-rich Middle East? Even though the current conflict--the drawnout and bloody struggle with an elusive but effective Iraqi resistance movement that refuses to accept the U.S. invasion and occupation of their country--has earned them worldwide condemnation and hatred, many signs point in the direction of more aggressions to come....

Venezuela rejects imperialism's 1% solution
Sometimes a single figure can speak volumes. Keep in mind the figure 1 percent when discussing Venezuela with your friends and co-workers....

New Peoples Army recognizes same-sex marriage

Nepal monarch's edicts boomerang: People's struggle grows

In post-election Iraq, it's still resistance v. occupation

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 Haiti: A Slave Revolution

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