Queer Liberation March in NYC

Thousands of people joined the Queer Liberation March in New York City on June 25. Organized by the Reclaim Pride…

June 28, 2023

Portland Pride says ‘Ban the cops!’

Thousands of loud and proud Portlanders lined the streets in the downtown area of Oregon’s largest city on June 19…

June 24, 2022

Buffalo’s working-class Pride

Workers World Party’s Buffalo branch kicked off its third annual People’s Pride event on June 14. Members and people from…

June 22, 2022

​​Lavender & Red #111
Anti-gay, anti-trans laws rooted in class rule

The following is one installment of Feinberg’s “Lavender & Red” series on the intersection of LGBTQ+ and socialist history, which…

June 3, 2022