China: the Struggle Within: For Firm Support to the Chinese CP

For Firm Support to the Chinese CP

January 25, 1963

"The Sino-Soviet alliance has collapsed," jubilantly exclaimed The Christian Science Monitor of January 22. As has happened many times before in the history of imperialist journalism, the wish may have been father to the thought.

Nevertheless, the Berlin meeting, which jeered, booed and hooted the representative of the Chinese Communist Party so loudly and viciously that even the translation of his speech was stopped, indicates that the dispute in the international Communist movement has reached a certain high water mark.

To millions of workers and progressive people generally, throughout he world, who are still unacquainted with the nature of the differences involved, the Chinese Communist Party, in the January 4 Peking Review, has supplied the most exhaustive and complete analysis. ("The Differences Between Comrade Togiiatti and Us.")

What, in essence, is the fundamental issue?

To this question, the CCP replies: "It is whether the basic principles of Marxism-Leninism are outmoded." That, in truth, really is the issue. Marxism-Leninism is the doctrine of the prosecution of the revolutionary class struggle in the interest of the victory of the world socialist revolution. In its answer to Togliatti, the CCP states that "he and other comrades are in reality substituting class collaboration for class struggle on a world scale (and) advocating a fusion of the socialist and capitalist systems."

Concretizing its generalized conclusions, the CCP declares:

"In the final analysis, the stand taken by Togliatti and certain other CPI leaders, boils down to this -- the people of the capitalist countries should not make revolutions, the oppressed nations should not wage struggles to win liberation, and the people of the world should not fight against imperialism. Actually, all this exactly suits the needs of the imperialists and reactionaries."

This, then is the critical issue.

All the other issues are merely derivative from this primary and overriding one. Nevertheless, the Chinese, in their carefully-worded statement, went on to say, "We still sincerely hope that it will be possible to eliminate our differences with comradely discussion." Many therefore looked to the Berlin meeting for a hopeful sign. But the Berlin meeting was converted in the most rude and shameless manner into an unrestrained attack against the Chinese CP -- to the glee and merriment of the entire imperialist bourgeoisie.

The working classes and the anti-imperialist liberation movements throughout the world have every reason to firmly support the fundamental position of the Chinese CP in this dispute. In doing so, they will also be rendering the firmest support to the Soviet Union, to all the socialist countries and to the world cause of socialism.

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