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Lavender & Red

Published Jun 8, 2005 4:54 PM

1. Rise of German Homosexual Emancipation Movement

2. The love that dared to speak its name

3. Lesbians on the front lines of fight for rights, liberation

4. ‘The war to end all wars’

5. Sexual freedom vs. fascism in Germany

6. Gender and sexuality in czarist Russia

7. Roots of Russian ‘homosexual subculture’

8. Capitalism shakes the branches

9. Naysayers pooh-pooh Bolshevik gains

10. ‘People of the moonlight’ in the dawn of revolution’

11. Soviet Union in the 1920s: Scientific, not utopian

12. 1920s Soviet Union: Rights for lesbians, transgenders, transsexuals

13. 1930s USSR: Survival with setbacks

14. 1930s Soviet Union: ‘Seismic gender shift’

15. Progress and regression: Sex and gender in 1930s USSR

16. ‘Can a homosexual be a member of the Communist Party?’

17. Anti-gay terror in Nazi Germany

18. Denazification in socialist Germany opened door to gay rights

19. Same-sex rights in East Germany: Legal and material progress

20. East Germany in the 1970s: Lesbian & gay movement blossoms

21. East Germany: Forming of gay groups ignites church struggle

22. Lesbians and gay men: Great gains in 1980s East Germany

23. Late 1980s East Germany: Gay/lesbian clubs in Party, state

24. Gains cut short by 1989 counter-revolution

25. Post-WWII Europe: Struggle for decriminalization

26. Beginning of post-war witch hunt: Before McCarthy, the Pentagon

27. 1950: ‘Lavender scare’!

28. 1950s witch hunt: Even McCarthy was gay baited

29. What made Stonewall possible: Early resistance to state repression

30. German movement inspired U.S. organizing

31. Young Harry Hay and the Wobblies

32. Harry Hay heard ‘siren song of revolution’

33. Harry Hay tried to ‘close book’ on his gayness

34. Harry Hay: ‘Historical materialism in 3/4 time’

35. ‘Bachelors for Wallace’

36. 1950: Gay leftists organize against Korean War

37. When idea for gay political organizing finally ignited

38. Mattachine: unmasking a ‘masked people’

39. Pre-Stonewall gay organizing

40. Harry Hay: Painful partings

41. Finding the right word

42. Hay studies ancient history, finds pride

43. 1952: Mattachine battles police harassment

44. 1952 court victory against anti-gay charges

45. Headwaters of first mass political gay movement rise

46. Mattachine victory sparks internal debate

47. Mattachine red-baited

48. 1953 Mattachine convention: Left wing speaks, opposition unites

49. May 1953 convention: Right wing ousts left leadership

50. Two-line struggle tore apart 1950s gay movement

51. 1955: First lesbian organization rises on waves of militant struggles

52. 1955: Lesbian organizing and ‘red feminism’

53. 1955: Black movement raised hopes of all downtrodden

54. Civil rights leaders faced red-baiting, gay-baiting

55. Civil rights era activists were gay-baited, red-baited

56. Gay youths, Black & white, led North Carolina fight

57. ‘Queer’ activists, Black and white, led the way

58. Early 1960s: ‘Gay is good!’

59. Mid-1960s gay activists target U.S. gov’t

60. Why 1960s gay rebellions had to erupt ‘from below’

61. 1960s: Youth demand lesbian, gay rights

62. Calif. resistance predated Stonewall Rebellion

63. Cops raid the Stonewall Inn

64. Raid draws crowd and temperature rises

65. Stonewall 1969: ‘Turning point of rage’

66. Stonewall Rebellion: Crowd rage ignites

67. Stonewall 1969: ‘All hell broke loose!’

68. Stonewall 1969: Fighting in the streets

69. Stonewall 1969—second night: ‘Liberate Christopher Street!’

70. Stonewall , night 3: ‘The battle was on’

71. Many histories converged at Stonewall

72. Post-Stonewall gay liberation: ‘Power to the People!’

73. Street Transvestite Action Revolutionaries

74. People of color activists organize across the U.S.

75. Early left-wing liberation: ‘Unity with all the oppressed’

76. Early gay liberation: Demonstrations of anti-racist solidarity

77. Early 1970s: Political split in gay movement

78. LGBT members welcomed from day one

79. Workers World fought gay oppression before Stonewall

80. Internal education on gay liberation

81. Party-wide education campaign in 1972

82. WWP searched for roots of lesbian/gay oppression

83. Marxist analysis rocked U.S. left

84. Marxist analysis blazed history’s trails

85. 1976 WWP pamphlet found answers in Marxism

86. 1970s Cold War gay-bashers condemn Cuba

87. Colonialism: the real ‘Apocalpto’

88. Colonial period in Cuba

89. 1950s Havana: Imperialist sexploitation

90. Why many Cuban gay men and lesbians left after 1959

91. Early Cuban Revolution paved road to sexual liberation

92. 1965 UMAP brigades: What they were, what they were not

93. Hollywood projected Cuba as ‘police state’ for gays

94. 1970s: Decade of cultural progress

95. Behind the 1980 ‘Mariel boatlift’

96. ‘A visible feature of Cuban society’

97. Sex education campaign battled old prejudices

98. Cuba mobilized before first diagnosis

99. Care & prevention, not repression

100. Cuba brought science, not scapegoating, to AIDS care

101. U.S. imperialist blockade obstructed Cuban AIDS treatment

102. Change apparent in still photos and motion pictures

103. The sweet taste of change in Cuba

104. ‘Gay Cuba’

105. How La Güinera made room for more gender

106. 1990s: Cuba education about same-sex love reached every home

107. Cuba‘s CENESEX led the way on sexual rights

108. Cuba’s CENESEX proposes ground-breaking transsexual rights

109. Cuba: ‘Bringing revolution’s humanity to all aspects of life’

110. Rainbow solidarity for Cuban Five circles the globe

111. Anti-gay, anti-trans laws rooted in class rule

112. Western rulers imposed anti-gay laws throughout world

113. Struggles for sexual, gender liberation rooted in national liberation movements

114. ‘Big lie’ and breakup of Yugoslavia

115. Wars, lies and ‘mass rape’ charges

116. The cynical abuse of ‘women’s rights’

117. U.S. war agitation targeted LGBT movements

118. U.S.-Britain gay-bashed Afghanistan

119. ‘Life better for gay & lesbian Iraqis under Hussein’

120. British colonialism outlawed ‘sodomy’ in Iraq

Letter to readers from Leslie Feinberg