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The neglected voices from Harper’s Ferry By Mumla Abu-Jamal

What is a nation? By Monica Moorehead

The unfinished revolution By Vince Copeland

A Voice from Harper’s Ferry


Chapter I

The Idea and Its Exponents — John Brown Another Moses

Chapter ll

Preliminaries to Insurrection — What May Be Told and What Not — John Brown’s First Visit to Chatham — Some of the Secrets from the “Carpetbag”

Minutes of the Convention

Chapter III

The Work Going Bravely on — Those Commissions — John I-I. Kagj — A Little Cloud — “Judas” Forbes — Etc.

John H. Kagi

“Judas” Forbes

Chapter IV

The Way Clear — Active Preparations — Kennedy Farm — Emigrants for the South — Correspondence — The Agent

Kennedy Farm

The Agent

Chapter V

More Correspondence — My Journey to the Ferry — A Glance at the Family

Chapter VI

Life at Kennedy Farm

Chapter VII

Captain Brown and J. H. Kagi Go to Philadelphia — F.J. Merriam, J. Copeland and S. Leary Arrive — Matters Precipitated by Indiscretion

Chapter VIII

Council Meeting — 0rders Given — The Charge — Etc.

Chapter IX

The Eleven Orders Given by Captain Brown to His Men before Setting out for the Ferry

Chapter X

The Capture of Harper’s Ferry — Col. A. D. Stevens and Party Sally out to the Plantations — What We Saw, Heard, Did, Etc.

Chapter XI

The Events of Monday, Oct. l7—Arming the Slaves—-Terror in the Slaveholding Camp——Important Losses to Our Party—The Fate of Kagi—Prisoners Accumulate-—Workmen at the Kennedy Farm—Etc.

Chapter XII

Reception to the Troops — They Retreat to the Bridge — A Prisoner — Death of Dangerfield Newby — William Thompson — The Mountains Alive — Flag of Truce — The Engine House Taken

Chapter XIII

The Capture of Captain John Brown at the Engine House

Chapter XIV

Setting Forth Reasons Why O.P. Anderson and A. Hazlett Escaped from the Arsenal, Instead of Remaining, When They had Nothing to Do — Took a Prisoner, When Somebody Got Killed, and Other Bodies Wounded

Chapter XV

The Encounter at the Rifle Factory

Chapter XVI

Our Escape from Virginia — Hazlett Breaks down from Fatigue and Hunger — Narrow Escape in Pennsylvania

Chapter XVII

A Word or Two More about Albert Hazlett

Chapter XVIII

Captain Owen Brown, Charles P. Tidd, Barclay Coppic, F. J. Merriam, John E. Cook

Chapter XIX

The Behavior of the Slaves — Captain Brown’s Opinion