Hamas statement on Israeli bombing of UNRWA school

The following statement was issued by the Hamas Government Media Office in Gaza on June 7, in response to Israel’s purposeful bombing of a United Nations school:

Occupation warplanes committed a new crime by targeting the shelter center at Asma School in Al-Shati’ refugee camp this afternoon, resulting in the martyrdom of three citizens and the injury of seven others.

By targeting this school, which is affiliated with UNRWA [United Nations Relief and Works Agency], the number of UNRWA schools designated as shelter centers and targeted by the occupation has exceeded 150. Additionally, dozens of other facilities and service centers belonging to UNRWA, which were also designated as shelters for the displaced, have been bombed.


It has become evident that the zionist targeting of shelter centers, which are crowded with citizens, is systematic and carried out under false pretexts and excuses. The occupation disregards the protection mandated by international humanitarian law for these schools, as they are civilian objects and are affiliated with a United Nations agency, bearing the U.N. flag. Moreover, these schools house large numbers of people – and any targeting results in a high number of civilian martyrs and injuries.

We condemn the continuation of the occupation’s bombing of shelter centers and the ongoing genocide against our people. We call on the U.N. and the international community to take serious action to end this zionist bullying and criminality that targets unarmed civilians everywhere in the Gaza Strip, pursuing them with bombing and killing in every corner they seek refuge in.

We hold the United States jointly responsible with the occupation for these crimes, and we call on the International Criminal Court to take practical legal steps regarding these crimes against humanity. We also call on the International Court of Justice to issue a judicial ruling to stop this aggression and to condemn the occupation and its leaders for all the crimes committed since the beginning of the aggression.

Government Media Office

Gaza – Palestine

June 7, 2024

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