Flood Brooklyn for Palestine

Thousands of activists took to the streets on May 31 in a demonstration, organized by Within Our Lifetime under the slogan “Flood Brooklyn for Palestine — for Rafah, Khan Younis, Jabalia, Nablus, Jenin, Tulkaren and Al Quds.” Because of the ongoing and increasing tent massacres, the genocide only worsens in Gaza, so WOL called for an escalation of the struggle here in New York City. The action started with a rally at Barclays Center followed by a march through the streets to the Brooklyn Museum, where many people had already de-occupied, calling for the museum to disclose and divest from the Zionist project. 

Brooklyn, New York, May 31, 2024. (Credit:nournews.ir/)

The New York Police Department continued with its ongoing brutality, particularly focused on Palestinian women who were thrown to the ground, punched and had their hijabs pulled off. Once again, the cops brutalized and arrested WOL chair Nerdeen Kiswani. 

Despite the almost daily demonstrations in New York City, the movement to free Palestine is not slowing down; it is only increasing. In fact, one day after this demonstration in Brooklyn, a new encampment at Columbia University was started and was called “Revolt for Rafah — Long live The Student Intifada.” 

It is truly hard to keep up with new and ongoing events, happening every day all over the world. Activists have occupied the Zionist Consulate in San Francisco and 48,000 University of California Workers are on strike — or prepared to strike at a moment’s notice — in solidarity with Palestine.

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