Yemen responds to U.S. – British imperialist violation of sovereignty

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The following official statement was released by the Ansar Allah Movement (aka Houthi) in Yemen on June 1, 2024.  

In the past hours, the U.S.- British aggression launched several airstrikes on the capital [of Yemen] Sana’a and the provinces of Sana’a, Al-Hodeidah and Taiz The raids were distributed as follows:  

  • Four airstrikes on the capital Sana’a, resulting in one injury.
  • Two airstrikes on the province of Sana’a.
  • One airstrike on the Hayfan area in Taiz.

Six airstrikes on the governorate of Al-Hodeidah, distributed as follows:

  • One airstrike on the Al-Salif port.
  • One airstrike on the radio building.
  • Two airstrikes on the Glaifeqa camp.
  • Two airstrikes on the homes of Ali Mohsen and Ali Abdullah Saleh.

The raids on Al-Hodeidah resulted in 16 martyrs and 41 injured, including civilian martyrs and wounded in the airstrikes targeting civilian sites such as the Al-Hodeidah radio building, in front of Al-Thawra Hospital and the coast guard in Al-Salif port. The total number of martyrs and injured among civilians and military personnel is 58.  

The airstrikes caused damage to the Al-Hodeidah radio building, as well as the coast guard building in Al-Salif port, in addition to damaging several commercial ships in the port.

This represents a clear targeting of civilian sites, a blatant violation of all international laws and a complete war crime.

Therefore, in response to these crimes and as part of the response to the U.S. and British aggression, and in continuation of the support for the oppressed Palestinian people, the Yemeni Armed Forces’ missile and naval forces carried out a joint military operation targeting the U.S. aircraft carrier “Eisenhower” in the Red Sea. The operation was carried out with several cruise and ballistic missiles, and the hit was accurate and direct.

The Yemeni Armed Forces will not hesitate to respond directly and immediately to any new aggression on Yemeni lands by targeting all sources of threats and all hostile U.S. and British targets in the Red Sea and the Arabian Sea.

The Yemeni Armed Forces affirm that the crimes of the U.S. and British aggression will not deter them from fulfilling their religious, moral and humanitarian duty towards the Palestinian people, and their operations will continue until the aggression stops and the siege on the oppressed Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip is lifted.

Long live Yemen, free, honorable and independent! Victory to Yemen and all the free people of the nation!

The statement was lightly edited.

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