No Pride in genocide

There’s no mention of the genocide taking place in Palestine in Tourist Israel’s promotion of Tel Aviv’s Pride march. The site describes the city as “the Gay Capital of the Middle East, and perhaps even one of the Gay Capitals of the World.” 

(Credit: Grafica: Voices4 London)


The horrific genocide, which has claimed well over 35,000 lives — a figure that does not account for thousands of people buried under rubble and not recovered — includes untold numbers of LGBTQIA+ Palestinians.

Solidarity with Palestine is the most important message anyone can bring to Pride events in their community. In too many places, Pride marches have become corporatized, with big contingents representing a whole range of capitalist firms. Some of those with a presence at Pride — such as the notorious Starbucks — are on the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions list of companies doing business with Israel.

Workers World salutes the many queer people here and around the world who want nothing to do with the “pink washing” of Israeli apartheid. We join with them in saying “No Pride in genocide.” 

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