Biden protested at Philadelphia campaign appearance

Banner strung during protests of Joe Biden outside Girard College, Philadelphia, May 29, 2024.


Dozens of pro-Palestine protesters gathered outside Girard College in West Philadelphia as President Joe Biden was speaking inside. Their message — delivered through bright banners, large Palestinian flags, loud constant chanting and sidewalks chalked with anti-Zionist slogans — was that “Genocide Joe” is not welcome in Philadelphia. 

Although Biden was not due to speak until after 1 pm, activists began gathering around 11 am, and more continued to arrive through the early afternoon. One person even brought a ladder so that rope could be strung between poles to display banners, making them more visible to Biden and anyone driving by. 

Since October 7, 2023, Biden has not been able to make an appearance in the Philadelphia area without demonstrators denouncing him for his complicity in  Israel’s war crimes. The U.S has sent billions of dollars worth of weapons, including 2,000 pound bombs. It was one of Biden’s “bunker buster” bombs that caused the deaths of 45 people at a tent camp in Rafah on May 26. Many Palestinians, including children, were burnt to death, and babies were beheaded. 

While Biden was able to enter the college through a narrow backdoor entrance, protesters got word and were able to confront him there on his way out. Pro-Palestine protesters were also on hand outside his home when Biden returned to Delaware.

Protests denounce “Genocide Joe” Biden, Philadelphia, May 29, 2024.

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