Abuse of Palestinian prisoners ‘a crime that surpasses all limits’

This statement was issued by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine Office of Martyrs, Prisoners, and Wounded on May 11, 2024.

The international institutions, especially the Red Cross, are completely complicit in these heinous crimes.

What has been revealed about secret detention centers where brutal practices are committed against detainees from Gaza is a crime that surpasses all limits.

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine confirmed that what was reported by the American network CNN about the brutal practices committed against Palestinian detainees from the Gaza Strip in secret detention facilities within the occupation entity is a crime that exceeds all limits, and a disgrace on the forehead of humanity.

The Front added that the international network’s investigation revealed the conversion of military bases into secret detention centers in the Naqab Desert, where the worst forms of torture and abuse are practiced against Palestinian detainees from the Gaza Strip, including the injured, stripping them of their most basic human and legal rights. This constitutes genocide committed by the criminal zionist enemy in every sense of the word.

The Front emphasized that the international community and international institutions, led by the International Red Cross, are completely complicit in these horrific crimes, as they have failed in their responsibilities and have not intervened urgently to save the lives of these prisoners who are languishing in secret prisons despite the exposure of ongoing violations and torture for several months.

The Front considered that the occupation entity’s enactment of the so-called “unlawful combatants” law, which expanded the army’s authority to arrest suspected militants as they describe them, surpasses even what occurred in Nazi and fascist prisons. This law gives the occupation legitimacy to execute prisoners and abuse them, which has been implemented on the ground with confirmed reports of several of these prisoners being martyred as a result of torture and systematic slow execution.

The Front concluded its statement by emphasizing the urgent need to dispatch an international mission to inspect these secret detention facilities and determine the fate of these prisoners, consider them as prisoners of war, ensure a minimum of their human rights, document all the crimes committed against them, and place them among the genocide files presented before the International Court of Justice.

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