Message from Gaza: ‘I came from a flattened house’

Message from Ahmed Issa early on Oct. 24

October 24, 2023! The 17th day of Israel’s barbaric aggression on the Gaza Strip. 

Everyone is complicit in the Gaza genocide unless they have made a real stand to stop it NOW! 

I no longer believe in the international community. They are all liars. I don’t believe in Western standards, because they are double standards.

Ahmed Issa when he received his MSc degree at Warwick Business School in Britain in November 2021.

Israel is executing everything that happened to Jews during the Holocaust and in the concentration camps. They have been implementing all the stories that I have read about the Nazi era, from “Schindler’s List” to “Man’s Search for Meaning” by Viktor Frankl. 

I would like to invite everyone of you who believes in Israel’s right to defend itself to experience one day, only one day in Gaza to see for yourself what it looks like to live in Gaza.

Since Gaza is under Israeli occupation, and the occupation has to be responsible for Gaza’s people, everything that has happened and will happen is the byproduct of Israel’s occupation. Please look at the context of Gaza’s and Palestine’s situation before judging. 

I only dare to say this because I don’t have anything to lose. After all, the world has failed their humanity, they failed themselves, and they have failed what they claim is what they stand for, for so long.

I literally may lose my life any minute. 

Yes. Our fighters are very good and gentle men. I want to tell you something. During my work in the UK, I worked for a care home, and I discovered the reality of Western people (no offense) but they literally threw their elderly in care homes. I saw a lot of instances where they just leave them and turn their back without questioning. They feel that they are a burden. But we never do this in my culture. All the family members should take care of elderly so they are well respected and treated. So that’s why you saw this [on a video].

That is why neither Israel nor the U.S. have interviewed the released women to talk about their imprisonment experiences.

The hostage said goodbye to the resistance fighter. She is obviously not afraid of him. Proof that she was well-treated.

Google Play has blocked Hamas and al-Qassam brigades’ official Telegram channels. [Video can be viewed on The Washington Post and The Guardian’s video page Oct. 24]


“uncivilized, human-animal” 

PS: I’m currently in Gaza with my wife Nada and two children, Bassam and Adam. I have lost my apartment in Gaza City. Israel bombed my apartment. I evacuated to my parents’ house. It was horrific to get bombed and lose all of my memories.

Urgent message later – bomb attack

I just came from a flattened house. Just now. It was very close, like 30 meters (100 feet) away. Over 40 people lived there — still under the rubble. A lot of people are still under the rubble. I tried to help, but it is very difficult to see. All of them were sleeping.

It is very hard to dig to get the people out. The firefighters were looking for a sign of life by hearing if anyone was screaming.

We found some of the martyrs far away from the bombed house. Because it was an extremely heavy missile it flattened the two-floor house. It is very hard to dig to get out the people. The firefighters were looking for a sign of life by hearing if anyone was screaming. Some survived, but most of them were killed. It is still too early to count the number of martyrs and wounded people. It is a horrifying experience.

 I was about to go to sleep, and suddenly a volcano erupted from that house. They just pulled out three killed women. We found the women outside the house, on the street because the bomb was extreme and the pressure threw them outside from the windows.

Shame on everyone who could do something to stop this and did not – no one from the Arab or Muslim governments or from the so-called civilized Western countries.

We need this genocide to stop!

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