Syria’s invitation to the Arab League is a defeat for U.S. imperialism

The following is the message Sara Flounders was invited to deliver to the May 28 meeting of the International Arab Forum to Break the Siege on Syria.

Greetings and warm solidarity to the International Arab Forum to Break the Siege on Syria. 

I’m Sara Flounders, Co-director of International Action Center and member of the International Relations Committee of Workers World Party. 

Demonstration in 2019 in Philadelphia. Credit: Joe Piette

It is an honor to join you in celebrating the breaking of the unjust siege imposed on Syria. This siege was part of a global war, led by U.S. imperialism, and waged for more than 12 years. Many thousands of people were killed, and millions were displaced. 

We celebrate with you the end of the illegal freeze of Syria’s membership in the League of Arab States and the invitation to President Bashar Assad to the Arab Summit in Riyadh, in Saudi Arabia.

We join with you  in demanding an end to the illegal U.S. / NATO / G7 sanctions on Syria. These criminal starvation sanctions must be rejected and denounced by the whole world. 

Syria is owed reparations for these sanctions and war of destruction by U.S. and NATO countries. 

We join with you in the hope for the unity of the Arab people. This is the only way forward.

Despite 12 years of unrelenting siege, U.S. imperialism has failed! It has failed in its efforts of destroying the elected Syrian government and replacing it with a regime submissive to Washington. U.S. imperialism has failed in its effort to isolate Syria. The invitation by the Arab League was a defeat for Washington.

Now U.S. imperialism is busy planning new wars. Its wars never end.

It was the George W. Bush administration that at the end of 2003 listed Syria as a U.S. target for isolation and overthrow. 

The war against Syria continued through the administrations of Presidents Barack Obama, Donald Trump and now Joe Biden. Republican and Democratic administrations were united in war and in imposing the harshest sanctions on Syria.

This policy has been costly for the people of Syria, the people of West Asia and the world.

We join with you in celebrating this great victory for the Syrian people and its government.  This is a victory for the Arab people and for all steadfast people of the world.

We express our solidarity with Syria’s allies — governments and popular organizations — that aided and participated in Syria’s defense.

We salute the courageous Syrian people, who were forced to sacrifice so much to combat the U.S.-led aggression.

Long live Syrian sovereignty and independence from imperialism.
End the sanctions now!
U.S. get out now!

Sara Flounders

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Sara Flounders

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