The reaction from those who erect the walls

Missouri prison authorities censor Workers World

We thought readers of Workers World would like to see an example of the frequent censorship notifications we get from prison administrators. Our reaction and how you can take action, below.


Dear Workers World:

The Missouri Department of Corrections has reviewed material sent to multiple offenders who are currently confined in Potosi Correctional Center. We have determined the material identified on the enclosed censorship notification form is prohibited from being delivered within the institution for the reasons indicated on the form.

[Reason for denial: “Contains information which can be used to instill violence or hatred among the offender population,” referring to an article from Feb. 23, 2023 that included coverage of a prisoner hunger strike in Texas. (]


Jason Lewis
Deputy Division Director
State of Missouri Department of Corrections
Jefferson City, MO


While the editors of Tear Down the Walls! always appeal these denials in writing, we thought our nonincarcerated readers would like an opportunity to respond, too. We encourage you to contact Jason Lewis at 573-751-2389 and tell him that Workers World readers are no longer going to tolerate the censorship of our paper in prisons. — TK

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