Palestinian resistance fuels instability within Israeli settler state

The current unrelenting Palestinian resistance to Zionist occupation, from the Mediterranean Sea to the Jordan River, has resulted in an increase of political and social instability within and throughout the Israeli settler state.

Fans hold huge ‘Free Palestine!’ flag during the game between Tunisia and Australia on Nov. 26.

The personal security situation for Israeli settlers has also been affected. Once safe roads in the West Bank are now sites of frequently occurring deadly ambushes. On March 13, a roadside bomb exploded adjacent to a busy highway in northern Israel. This first-time event so shocked the Israeli security establishment that discussion of it is still prohibited in Israeli media.

And more recently in another first, non-Israeli controlled-drone technology has appeared in the skies over Palestine –– in northern Israel and in Gaza!

This is the real background to the political battles going on in the streets of Israeli cities between different trends within the Zionist movement. Demonstrations of tens of thousands of people have been a weekly occurrence. No Palestinian flags have been present, indicating that the vast majority of demonstrators identify with the Israeli state.

While the corporate media portrays the protests as a struggle for democracy, the essence of these demonstrations is a conflict over tactics. The Netanyahu regime and its opposition have contradictory visions on how to maintain the supremacy of the Israeli settler state over a Palestinian population of millions of people, who are determined to fight back at every opportunity to do so.

The Israeli regime has widened the threat against neighboring countries by bombing targets –– or civilians –– not only in Gaza, but also in Lebanon and Syria.

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