Boston rally demands U.S./NATO stop war in Ukraine

Boston antiwar rally Oct. 22, one of over 70 nationally coordinated actions Oct. 15-22.


Joining the National “NO to U.S. Wars!” call issued by the United National Antiwar Coalition, a swiftly formed ad-hoc coalition of anti-imperialist forces rallied Oct. 22. The People’s Speak-out against U.S. imperialism’s dangerous proxy war in Ukraine took place at Park Street station on the Boston Common. This war is aimed at Russia to gain hegemonic control of markets, gas and energy resources in Eastern Europe.

The rally gathered socialists, peace and justice activists, and Cuba, Haiti and Palestine supporters, Veterans for Peace members, prison abolitionists, South Asian activists and labor unionists. Many workers and passersby stopped to listen to the speakers and shared their support for the antiwar messages, which connected the escalating imperialist wars abroad with the deepening economic crisis, budget cutbacks, layoffs, poverty wages and gentrification in the U.S. 

Protesters held signs demanding “Union Contracts, Not Military Contracts!” “Stop the U.S./NATO War with Russia in Ukraine!” “No U.S. Intervention in Haiti, Troops Out Now!” “No Cold War On China!” and “Palestine Will Be Free; Land Back!”

Participating groups included the Committee for Peace and Human Rights, Boston May Day Coalition, Massachusetts Peace Action, July 26 Committee, Workers World Party, Veterans for Peace, International Action Center, Boston Area Assange Defense, Green Rainbow Party and Refuse Fascism New England.

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