Seattle/Teamster Women’s Conference holds rally outside Amazon HQ

The fight to unionize corporate behemoth Amazon is being carried out on many fronts and by many unions. 

Teamsters Women’s Conference descends on Amazon headquarters, Seattle, Sept. 20. Credit:

Over 1,000 attendees at the Teamster Women’s Conference, held in Seattle, rallied outside Amazon’s world headquarters Sept. 20. They carried signs reading “Amazon hurts workers” and “Organize Amazon!” Conference participants were joined by Teamsters General President Sean O’Brien and General Secretary-Treasurer Fred Zuckerman, along with eight international vice presidents and other Teamster leaders.

In June 2021 the Teamsters Union’s national convention passed a resolution committing resources to unionizing Amazon. President O’Brien, who defeated the entrenched incumbent President James Hoffa Jr. in November 2021, has reaffirmed the commitment to help Amazon workers win union representation. Weeks before this mass rally, the Teamsters announced the creation of its new Amazon Division.

“Amazon should be afraid,” O’Brien warned. “The Teamsters are here standing shoulder-to-shoulder with so many communities demanding change. The Teamsters aren’t going away. Wherever Amazon abuses workers, we’ll be there. Amazon will not bust unions and get away with it. Amazon will not churn and burn [U.S.] workers and get away with it. This corrupt corporate giant must answer to the Teamsters now, and we’re ready for the fight.” (

Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer and the second-richest corporation. It will take a multipronged struggle to make it a union workplace — especially given that its bosses are hell-bent on keeping Amazon union-free. 

Whether it’s the Teamsters; the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union; the Amazon Labor Union; Amazonians United; or Carolina Amazonians United for Solidarity and Empowerment — or any group of Amazon workers uniting for justice — their historic struggle needs and deserves a massive and coordinated wave of working-class solidarity.

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