NYC Black Friday Action: “Make Amazon Pay”

Workers Assembly Against Racism issued the following news release Nov. 22.

New York City Amazon workers and supporters, left, Buffalo Starbucks workers, right.

Global Day of Protest, Black Friday − Nov. 26, 6:00 P.M. (new time), 212 Fifth Avenue, NYC

Amazon workers to march from Jeff Bezos’ $119 million Manhattan residence to the $40 million penthouse of Starbucks executive Howard Schultz


Black Friday 2021 will be a Global Day of Action spotlighting Amazon’s pandemic profiteering, union busting and environmental crimes. Amazon workers in Italy, France and Germany will walk off the job with protests, strikes and rallies planned in 20 countries.

In New York City, Amazon workers organizing the closely watched union drive at the company’s Staten Island facility will observe the day starting at Jeff Bezos’ $119 million luxury Manhattan residence and marching to the $40 million penthouse of Starbucks top-boss Howard Schultz.

“We’re marching to Schultz’ penthouse to show solidarity with the Starbucks union drive,” said Chris Smalls, president of the Amazon Labor Union. “Whether it’s firings of union supporters, harassment, or workplace intimidation — they are facing the same kind of union busting we are.”

The protest is being organized by the Workers Assembly Against Racism (WAAR), who earlier this year organized a series of NYC demonstrations supporting the now-resuscitated Amazon union campaign in Bessemer, Alabama. This latest campaign comes in the midst of a labor upsurge of dynamic workplace strikes and job actions referred to as Striketober — and now, Strikevember.

Through protests, banner drops and a subway sticker campaign, WAAR has been calling on Amazon and Starbucks bosses to immediately recognize the union and start negotiating with the workers. 

“We are calling on these companies to bypass the so-called election process,” said WAAR activist Larry Holmes, “and recognize the union now.”

“This is a process that favors the company and which just gives management the opportunity to engage in union busting,” Holmes said. “This of course was amply proven this winter in the Bessemer, Alabama, union campaign, and the NLRB investigation confirmed it. There’s no democracy when the boss is allowed to control the election.”


Credit: Left photo Workers Assembly Against Racism, right photo Starbucks Workers United

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