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No Trans Liberation without Socialism and No Socialism without Trans Liberation!

Statement by the LGBTQ+ Caucus of Workers World Party

Second Annual Boston Trans Resistance March, June 12.

The LGBTQ+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer+) Caucus of Workers World Party condemns the ongoing murders of transgender, Two-Spirit and gender-variant people. We reaffirm our solidarity with transgender, Two-Spirit and gender-variant people, as well as our dedication to bring about the total annihilation of capitalism, imperialism and the vicious oppressions these systems generate, including transphobia and transmisogyny.

The horror the systems wreak is evident: The most murders of transgender people in the U.S. in a year have already been recorded as of Nov. 4. To date in 2021: 45 transgender people have been murdered, with the majority of those killed being Black or Latinx trans women. These deaths continue a horrifying pattern that stretches back many years, and which must be stopped.

Only through the eradication of capitalism, which breeds racism as well as transmisogyny and transphobia, can we end these devastating losses. Transgender liberation built on socialism — the theory laid out by our late WWP comrade Leslie Feinberg — can be realized and maintained. There can be free and accessible housing, health care, education, jobs and community services centered around trans people, based on the recognition of the infinite spectrum of sex and gender within the human species.

As we build, we must continue organizing our communities to be safe places for trans people to live and flourish. Fostering a safe place for trans people to thrive allows trans people to fully develop the revolutionary action needed to take down this rotten system!

No Trans Liberation without Socialism and No Socialism without Trans Liberation!
Remembering . . .
Tyianna Alexander, 28
Samuel Edmund Damián Valentín
Bianca “Muffin” Banks, 30
Dominique Jackson, 30
Fifty Bandz, 21
Alexus Braxton, 45
Chyna Carrillo, 24
Jeffrey “JJ” Bright, 16
Jasmine Cannady, 22
Jenna Franks, 34
Aidelen Evans, 24
Diamond Kyree Sanders, 23
Rayanna Pardo, 26
Jaida Peterson, 29
Dominique Lucious, 26
Remy Fennell, 28
Tiara Banks, 24
Jahaira DeAlto Balenciaga, 42
11/19/2021 Gmail – trans
Natalia Smüt, 24
Iris Santos, 22
Tiffany Thomas, 38
Keri Washington, 49
Thomas Hardin, 35
Whispering Wind Bear Spirit, 41
Sophie Vásquez, 36
Danika Danny Henson, 31
Serenity Hollis, 24
Poe Black, 21
Ollie Taylor, 17
Tierramarie Lewis, 36
E.J. Boykin, 23
Taya Ashton, 20
Shai Vanderpump, 23
Miss CoCo, 44
Pooh Johnson, 25
Zoella Rose Martinez, 20
Disaya Monaee, 27
Brianna Hamilton Ulmer, 25
Kiér Laprí Kartier, 21
Mel Groves, 25
Royal Poetical Starz, 26
Jessi Hart, 42
Jo Acker, 26
Rikkey Outumuro, 39
Marquiisha Lawrence, 28
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