‘Justice for Haiti! Let revolutionary Cuba live!’


A multinational, multigenerational, pro-socialist crowd, including Indigenous, Black, Latinx, immigrant rights, peace and justice, union, faith-based, youth, veterans, LGBTQ2S+ and disability rights organizers, converged at Park Street Station, Boston, July 24, for a militant and unified “People’s Speak Out and Rally” to demand “No U$ Intervention in Haiti, Reparations Now!” and “Let Revolutionary Cuba Live! End the U.S. Blockade!”

Dorotea Manuela speaking at Boston rally July 24. WW Photo: Maureen Skehan

Chantal Casimir, member, USW Local 8751, spoke at the Boston rally July 24. WW Photo: Stevan Kirschbaum

Chantal Casimir, member, USW Local 8751, spoke at the Boston rally July 24. WW Photo: Stevan KirschbaumCo-chaired by longtime Puerto Rican independentista Dorotea Manuela and immigrant rights leader and abolitionist Bishop Felipe Teixeira — a leader in the struggle to free imprisoned Venezuelan diplomat Alex Saab from a US-backed garrison in Cabo Verde — the rally included beautiful Caribbean music and militant chants of “Cuba Sí, Bloqueo No!” and “Justice for Haiti, U.S. Out!” 

Passionate speakers condemned U.S. aggression and intervention in the Caribbean and Latin America, including its backing of fascist, mercenary forces repressing the popular movements of Brazil and Colombia and undermining the revolutionary socialist governments of Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua and Bolivia.  

Many speakers expressed their heartfelt thanks and revolutionary love for Haiti and Cuba, emphasizing each country’s historic contributions in the struggle against slavery, racism and colonialism. Haiti’s victorious revolution against slavery in 1804 led to the first independent Black Republic in the Western Hemisphere. 

Cuba’s world-renowned internationalism, in solidarity with workers and oppressed nations globally, expresses confidence that socialism will ultimately prevail in this hemisphere, including here in the U.S. — the belly of the beast.

Many left the rally committed to build greater unity and solidarity for socialism in Boston and the U.S.  

Initiated by Workers World Party and the July 26th Coalition, the rally’s co-endorsers included the Alliance for Secular and Democratic South Asia, ANSWER, Boricuas for Liberation, Boston May Day Coalition, Colectivo de Boston-Fora Bolsonaro, Committee for Peace and Human Rights, Fanmi Lavalas, International Action Center, Massachusetts Peace Action, Palestinian House of New England, Party for Socialism and Liberation, Team Solidarity, USW Local 8751 Boston School Bus Drivers Union, United American Indians of New England and the Young Black Panther Party.

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