The state of Mumia

Mumia Abu-Jamal, 2019.

The following lightly edited commentary appeared on Prison Radio on May 12.  

I don’t usually do this. This is discussing myself. I find it far more interesting to tell the stories of others, the revolving globe on which we dwell and the stories spawned by the fragile human condition and the struggles of humanity for liberation.

But I digress, uncomfortably. 

This commentary is about the commentator. 

Several weeks ago I underwent a medical procedure known as open heart surgery, a double bypass, after it was learned that two vessels beating through my heart have significant blockages that impaired heart function. 

This impairment was fixed by extremely well-trained and young cardiologists, who had extensive experience in this intricate surgical procedure. 

I tell you I had no clue whatsoever that I suffered from such a disease. Now, to be perfectly honest, I feel fine. 

Indeed, I feel more energetic than usual!

I thank you all, my family and friends, for your love and support.

Onwards to freedom with all my heart.

From imprisoned nation — Mumia Abu-Jamal 

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