EMERGENCY TWITTER/PHONE CALL ALERT! Alabama prison hunger striker beaten

On the morning of Jan. 4, a prisoner participating in the #Alabama11 hunger strike was beaten and bloodied by a guard, Officer Landrum, at the instructions of Sgt. Williams, for his participation in the hunger strike. The prisoner’s name is Ronnie Miller, #244648. He is out of the infirmary, but photos show him with a busted lip and large lumps on his head and cheek.

Ronnie Miller after guard beating.

Miller has been subjected to several beatings by guards at Kilby Correctional Facility. 

The #Alabama11 and Free Alabama Movement are calling for a phone/tweet zap NOW to please demand justice and help for the prisoners during their #30dayeconomicblackout. 

From the #Alabama11: “Please contact Jeff Dunn. We are not safe.” Dunn is Commissioner of the Alabama Department of Corrections. His phone number is 334-353-3883, email is Jefferson.dunn@doc.Alabama.gov, and twitter is @ADOCDunn. Tell Dunn: “At Kilby Correctional Facility, Sgt. Williams and Officer Landrum jumped on and beat a prisoner who is participating in a hunger strike. Alabama DOC needs to intervene immediately by investigating this incident and firing both guards.”

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