No matter who wins, we lose!

By Lydian  Deford

Workers World Party and the Green Party of Erie County held a jointly sponsored protest called “No matter who wins, we lose!” on Nov. 4 evening. While most of the country is enraptured by the drama of the phony U.S. democracy, the demonstration carried the message that we must not relent in our work as activists in the streets. No matter who sits in the Oval Office— class struggle, not electoral pol-itics, is the only avenue towards progress for oppressed people.

Post-election demo in Buffalo, on Nov 4. Credit: Lydian Deford

The rally drew around 50 left-wing activists. The two scheduled speakers of the event were Sandy Przybylak of the Green Party and RJ Red from Workers World Party. After the main speakers, an open atmosphere encouraged people to take the megaphone who do not often get the chance to have their voices heard. Those speakers included WWP friend Kawiye Jumale, who spoke about her experience as an African immigrant, and Elise Schreiber (Seneca) who reminded the audience about Indigenous political prisoner Leonard Peltier.

As the first postelection demonstration in Buffalo, it put us on the right path towards leftist unity, with a goal of making sure the movement avoids falling asleep under a Democratic presidency or giving up at the prospect of another four years of the incumbent. ☐

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